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Telegram Cryptocurrency Expected Later 2019 Ahead of Facebook’s Libra 2020 Launch

According to Bloomberg, Gram Telegram Messenger’s digital assets is likely to have shot up 200% since its debut in an initial coin offering (ICO) in 2018. Gram’s ICO was the biggest in the history of cryptocurrency.

In a sale beginning July 10, South Korea’s Gram Asia has announced the sale of its rights on the Grams at $4 per token according to a Japan-based crypto exchange referred to as Liquid. The $4 is up from the $1.33 paid by the private investors in Gram’s second round of ICO conducted in March 2018. However, this cost will come down to $3.50 per Gram token as long as buyers buy using Liquid digital asset QASH.

Telegram is expected to launch its cryptocurrency in the 3Q of 2019. The launch comes ahead of the much-hyped Facebook’s Libra cryptocurrency which is expected on the market in 2020. Telegram has over 200 million users around the world. About $1.7 billion in the fund raising that was opened to only qualified investors with most of the funds directed to the development of the open network blockchain.

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