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Google Signs An Important Deal With Popular Altcoin

Google Cloud joined the EOS community called to become the block producer. shared today that Google Cloud plans to join the EOS community and is taking steps towards becoming an “EOS Block Generator”.

In a press release shared exclusively with U.Today, announced that tech giant Google plans to join the EOS community of Google Cloud app and become a block generator on the EOS network. This participation of Google Cloud is an important milestone for both EOS and Google. Being a candidate for block producer (BP) in the EOS network and participating in it will mean that the firm will benefit from EOS.

By joining the community, Google Cloud will ensure that companies using blockchain technology now truly protect stored data so that it is seamlessly accessible to users.

The team reported in the press release that they warmly welcomed Google Cloud’s decision. According to CTO Dan Larimer, Google will continue to provide its Cloud infrastructure to Also stating that the blockchain giant will enable Google Cloud to take full advantage of blockchain, CEO Brendan Blumer said:

“We invite Google Cloud to the EOS community and are excited for their contribution to the EOS network.”

Google Cloud Not A Manufacturer Yet
To become a block generator on the EOS network, token holders have to make a choice in favor of the IT giant. EOS was trading at $ 2.82, up 12% following this announcement at the time of writing.

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