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J.P. Morgan Says These 3 Gold Stocks Could Surge 40% (Or More)

Let’s talk about gold. The precious metal is the traditional safe haven investment, backed by its use – starting 5,000 years ago – as a reliable store of value. Investors looking to protect their portfolio and secure their wealth traditionally bought heavily into gold, and the price of gold has sometimes been used as a […]


Regulations Will Make Demand for XRP ‘Skyrocket’, Says Crypto Analyst

Popular Twitter crypto analyst and contrarian investor CryptoWhale has told his 34,000 followers to bet on XRP in the event of market regulations.  According to a tweet he published, CryptoWhale called XRP the only project in the entire market of cryptocurrency pushing for greater regulations. The pseudonymous trader predicted that XRP’s demand would skyrocket following the addition […]


Bitcoin Analyst Says XRP Will Annihilate Almost Every Other Altcoin – Here’s Why

A contrarian investor known in the industry as CryptoWhale believes that XRP eventually will wipe out nearly every other altcoin. In a new tweetstorm, CryptoWhale tells his 34,000 followers that XRP will be one of the last coins standing once the crypto industry enters a new phase of regulatory scrutiny and acceptance.The only project in the […]

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