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7 Best Blockchain Stocks to Buy for the Rest of 2020

With millions of Americans suddenly forced to work from home due to the still-raging pandemic, many turned to trading platforms like Robinhood for a crash course in investing. That right there bodes very well for so-called blockchain stocks, or companies levered to the technology that underlines cryptocurrencies. But to understand the potential of this sector, one needs […]


Are Bitcoin and Gold Good Investments?

Gold and bitcoin are weird. Neither is especially useful in the here and now in any practical sense. Bitcoin’s promise as a deregulated digital currency remains just that—a promise. And nobody carries around gold in their hip pocket to purchase goods or services anymore. While both are “mined,” their only real-world or virtual applications seem to be […]


After $1,000 Drop, Bitcoin Buy Signal Could Conjure Bullish Reversal

After an incredible 2020 recovery rally from Black Thursday lows, Bitcoin price may have topped out for the year. Several indicators have been pointing to a peak in the cryptocurrency; however, a buy signal on daily timeframes could suggest a short term recovery instead. The crypto asset appears to be trading within a falling wedge pattern […]


Weaker Dollar Will Drive Bitcoin To New Highs

Last week, bitcoin was seemingly driven by one factor, the US dollar. This dynamic is easily seen when blotting the USD index (DXY) against bitcoin. Furthermore, Digital Assets research firm, Delphi Digital notes “Gold bugs have been rejoicing in recent weeks…dollar weakness coupled with deeply negative real yields has created a perfect storm for gold and precious metals.” […]


Gold Is The ‘Real Bitcoin’: Trader Sees New Highs Ahead For The Metal

Gold topped $1,800 on Wednesday, marking a nearly nine-year high. Its rally may not be over yet, according to Boris Schlossberg, managing director of FX strategy at BK Asset Management. “I guess gold is the real bitcoin,” Schlossberg joked on CNBC’s “Trading Nation” on Wednesday. “Ultimately I think what’s happening is the market is taking implicit bets […]


Cryptocurrency Ban to Cost Russia More Losses Than Gains

Russia is known for its controversial attitude to blockchain and cryptocurrency. As the authority in a country is highly centralized, it seems to be uncomfortable with having something they can not control. So it is natural for them to ban the technology that is out of their reach. However, the ban would not prevent people […]


OMG: ‘Coinbase Effect’ Appears to Return as Crypto’s Price Jumps 150%

A few days ago (May 14), the top-rated Coinbase exchange announced its listing of the Omise Go (OMG) altcoin, a popular midcap coin originally launched in 2017, on its Pro and standard trading platforms.$OMG has gone parabolic yet again today, with the #CoinbasePro effect continue to bring greater positive returns to the 39th ranked market […]


Gold Taps New High, Indicators Show Rally Has More Fuel in the Tank

Gold‘s growth continues to sustain, reaching new highs this week not traded since the last economic recession.The rally also is showing very few signs it will slow down any time soon, and one particular indicator confirms there is “more fuel in the tank,” according to an analyst.Gold Prices Soar to Over $1,730, Setting New Local […]


Why Bitcoin Analysts See This Dip As Incredible Opportunity To Buy

Today’s Bitcoin price drop below USD $7k has taken some by surprise, yet it is causing little concern among analysts, In fact, the mood is optimistic, as most believe that the market will recover quickly, with the flagship crypto currency soon surging much higher.BITCOIN PRICE MOVING UP DESPITE CORRECTIONToday’s market dip has not caused a […]

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