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Bitcoin May Never Go Above $ 40,000 Again, JP Morgan Alerts

The vertiginous rise that the price of Bitcoin experienced in December and early January, made many investors pin their hopes on the cryptocurrency . However, analysts at the financial JP Morgan Chase doubt that the electronic currency can be traded above $ 40,000 again . On January 7, Bitcoin broke the barrier of $ 40,000 , and in the following days it cost up to $ 42,000 . […]


5 Semiconductor Stocks to Buy as Supply Shortage Boosts Demand

Massive demand and sales of electronic goods during the pandemic have led to a supply crunch for semiconductors, one of the most integral elements of the infotainment system. So much so that now carmakers are struggling to procure semiconductors, which may hamper the production of parts and vehicles around the world. There are multiple reasons […]


3 Tech Stocks to Buy for Dividend Growth

There are many places a dividend investor can look to find their next high-quality dividend stock. While many investors tend to focus on those stocks with the longest dividend increase streaks, there are high-quality tech stocks that are emerging in terms of their own dividend increase streaks. Many tech stocks have been added to the Dividend Challengers list, […]


2 “Strong Buy” FAANG Stocks to Watch Heading Into Earnings

Big Tech has been in the news lately, and not necessarily for the right reasons. Accusations of corporate censorship have hit the headlines in recent weeks. While serious, this may have a salutary effect – the public discussion of Big Tech’s role in our digital lives is long overdue. And that discussion will get underway […]


7 Cheap Tech Stocks For 2021 That Are a Bargain For Their Growth Potential

Market followers may believe the words “cheap” and “tech stocks” do not go together. But that’s not necessarily the truth. Investors simply need to know where to look to find cheap stocks. And investors can find stocks that are cheap in terms of price or with low valuations with relative ease. But the real trick is […]


RBC: These 2 Tech Stocks Are Poised to Surge by Over 40%

Say ‘COVID-19’ in a group of mixed company, and you are sure to spark a debate. But one thing is certain: The way our white-collar sector works has changed, perhaps for forever. Canadian banking giant RBC is calling it ‘Work 2.0,’ the sudden surge of telecommuting, remote work, and virtual office options that has impacted […]


Are the FAANG Stocks About to Break Out Again?

There are about 100 companies expected to report earnings this week, including the first of the FAANG stocks: Netflix. The FAANG stocks got hit in the initial coronavirus pandemic sell-off in February and March 2020 but rebounded quickly as they were uniquely situated to gain market share during the pandemic. Who didn’t try and order work out […]


Forget Electric Vehicle Stocks: These Tech Stocks Are Better Buys

Electric vehicle stocks have boomed in the current market environment, thanks in no small part to Tesla’s (NASDAQ: TSLA) meteoric rise. Now, other EV-centric companies are scrambling to tap into the enthusiasm for all things electric by going public and raising money. However, investors should be careful. Just because another company throws its hat into the EV […]


Google’s Alphabet Has 22% Upside And Will Be The Top FANG Stock In 2021, BofA Says

Google’s parent Alphabet is Bank of America’s top FANG-stock pick for the year ahead. In a wide-ranging overview note published Thursday, a group of Bank of America analysts led by Justin Post broke down why Alphabet has massive upside ahead, and more potential than its FANG peers, Facebook, Amazon, and Netflix.  The strategists see the stock exploding 22% […]


3 Overvalued Tech Stocks to Avoid

In December 2020, Pascal Blanque, chief investment officer at asset manager Amundi, opined that the tech stocks boom is a “bubble waiting to burst.” Blanque added that it’s difficult to “justify the current valuations.”I believe that the entire technology pack is not overvalued. There are attractive investments even at current levels. However, there are some […]

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