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It’s Getting Harder to Pump Up Prices in Cryptocurrency Markets

It’s getting hard to pump amid the dump in the $209 billion cryptocurrency market.At least that appears to be the case when you look at Tether, one of the most-traded digital assets and also one that’s allegedly been used to manipulate the price of Bitcoin. Over half a billion dollars of Tether has been created […]


$100M Worth Tethers Infused in the Crypto Market Cause Bitcoin Price Rise

100 million USDT tokens were transferred from the Tether Treasury to the digital currency exchange Bitfinex just hours before the Bitcoin price surged.On Wednesday, August 22, the Bitcoin price showed an extremely volatile price surge gaining $400 in just half an hour of trading. The Bitcoin charts on CoinMarketCap clearly indicate this price jump as […]


Did Tether Trigger A Short Squeeze Or A Dead Cat Bounce? (Bitcoin Price Analysis)

This time yesterday it appeared that all was lost, as Bitcoin price slipped within $100 of the current 2018 low. Then something unexpected occurred. Perhaps shorts got squeezed out of their loftily precarious positions or was it Tether’s newly minted $130 million USDT that saved the day?BITCOIN PRICE MARKET OVERVIEWBitcoin $6496.79 spent the better part of […]


Tether: A Cryptocurrency Without Volatility?

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and all the other cryptocurrencies are great for online payments simply because of their sophisticated use of the Blockchain to facilitate easy transactions. Their transparency is currently unmatched by any fiat equivalent. But can we really bank on them for day to day transfers considering their high volatility? The fact that these […]

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