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Why Stellar Is Giving Away $124 Million In Cryptocurrency

While Ripple, one of the most sizable blockchain and cryptocurrency companies, has been selling off its XRP asset holdings, valued in the hundreds of millions of dollars, its cofounder is blazing a different trail over at his present operation. After leaving Ripple several years ago, Jed McCaleb went on to cofound Stellar in 2014, which […]


Altcoins Under The Radar: Stellar And NEO

The purpose of this article is to highlight two altcoins that I believe have solid fundamentals – like a strong team, community, product, and marketing – but which are underperforming against Bitcoin (BTC).Although both of these altcoins have been doing quite well against the USD (or USDT), the truth is that they are clearly struggling […]


IBM Signs 6 Banks to Issue Stablecoins and Use Stellar’s XLM Cryptocurrency

IBM is taking its banking clients a step closer to cryptocurrency.Announced Monday, six international banks have signed letters of intent to issue stablecoins, or tokens backed by fiat currency, on World Wire, an IBM payment network that uses the Stellar public blockchain. The network promises to let regulated institutions move value across borders – remittances […]


IBM Debuts Stellar-Powered ‘Blockchain World Wire’ Payments System

IBM is taking its long-in-the-works blockchain-based payment system out of beta, with the launch of a new product called Blockchain World Wire.Aimed at institutions and harnessing the stellar blockchain network, Big Blue says its new financial rail “can simultaneously clear and settle cross-border payments in near real-time.”Similar to other blockchain-based payment networks such as Ripple, […]


The Best Bitcoin Alternatives – 4 Altcoins on the Rise

A lot has changed in the cryptomarket since Satoshi Nakamoto first released his revolutionary Bitcoin white paper nine years ago. Today, Bitcoin is not alone in the crypto space. There are currently over four thousand altcoins available to investors. This growing variety can make it difficult to distinguish what is the best Bitcoin alternative.Altcoins – […]


Stellar Surpasses Litecoin To Become 6th Biggest Crypto By Market Cap

Charlie Lee says “it really doesn’t make sense” to compare the “inflated” market cap of Stellar, which passed Litecoin this week. ‘PRINTED’ STELLAR BEATS ‘DECENTRALIZED MINEABLE’ LITECOINBitcoin $7713.76 roared back above the $7,000 mark this week — but as BTC goes, so do some other cryptocurrencies.Riding BTC’s coattails is Stellar $0.292724, which experienced an even bigger surge of […]


Stellar Becomes ‘First’ Sharia-Certified Blockchain for Payments And Asset Tokenization

Stellar, an open-source platform for distributed payments, is reportedly the first distributed ledger protocol to obtain Sharia compliance certification in the money transfer and asset tokenization field, according to a Stellar blog post published July 17.The Shariyah Review Bureau, a leading international Sharia advisory agency licensed by the Central Bank of Bahrain, has examined the […]


IBM to Issue Cryptocurrency Token on Public Stellar Blockchain

Computing giant IBM has announced that it has signed a partnership with environmental fintech startup Veridium Labs to issue a cryptocurrency token on the Stellar blockchain.The initiative, unveiled on Tuesday, will see IBM and Veridium tokenize carbon credits, enabling pollution-heavy companies to offset the damage their operations cause to the environment. Proceeds from selling the […]


The Top 5 Altcoins to Look for in 2018

As Bitcoin is still priced high, and entry to cryptocurrencies for new-comers remains hard, altcoins may become a real alternative. Take a look at CoinMarketCap and you’ll find over 1,500 cryptocurrencies. In fact, the number of cryptocurrencies is growing at a rapid rate and there simply isn’t enough time in the day to research them […]


Here’s Why Stellar XLM Could Be the Next Cryptocurrency to Explode

Stellar Price Forecast Bullish As XLM Price SpikesAs you can tell, our headline is somewhat rhetorical. The Stellar Lumens price, in fact, already went ballistic this morning. At the time of writing, Stellar Lumens is trading for about $0.45 apiece after the XLM price jumped more than 13% overnight. We’ve been bullish on this crypto […]

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