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Ripple Adds Four Members to Regulatory Team, Joins Blockchain Association

San Francisco-based blockchain startup Ripple has announced three new appointments to its global regulatory team and that the company will be joining the Blockchain Association. Per an Oct. 22 blog post, Ripple has onboarded four new members — Craig Phillips, Michelle Bond, Ron Hammond and Susan Friedman — to its global regulatory team based in […]


Altcoins: Ahead of Libra, XRP Cryptocurrency Gains Toehold in Commerce

Facebook’s Libra may be grabbing all the headlines at the moment, yet a major cryptocurrency already exists that’s gained a toehold in mainstream commerce.XRP, the third-biggest cryptocurrency by market value, seeks to succeed where bitcoin and other digital currencies have largely failed: in powering fast and low-cost transactions.In a rare example of a cryptocurrency finding […]


Ripple (XRP) Skates Market Slump with 27% Surge in 3-Day Rally

The price of XRP, the native cryptocurrency of Ripple’s blockchain network, has increased by 27% in 3 days.The rally of XRP comes during a period in which most major cryptocurrencies have been struggling against the U.S. dollar amidst a market pullback.Around the same time frame, the price of bitcoin has declined from $8,200 to $7,800 […]


Ripple’s Xpring Releases Technology To Bring XRP To The Internet

Riding the wave of new technological advancement, multiple companies, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Oracle, have developed platforms with ready-made blockchain frameworks, making it easier for interested parties to adopt the technology for various use cases. One of the top companies in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space, Ripple, launched a similar platform for […]


September Outlook On Ripple

Despite doing some good business for itself, Ripple Labs has so far found it difficult to transmit the same results into its native crypto. Like many other altcoins, Ripple (XRP-USD) has found itself on the back foot in its pairing with BTC and has struggled to gather bullish momentum. So, what does September 2019 hold […]


Third-Biggest Crypto Coin Barely Causes a Ripple Amid Rally

Amid the astonishing recovery this year by most of the world’s biggest cryptocurrencies, one stands out.The token known as XRP has tumbled about 20%, while eight of the other 10 biggest coins are posting outsized gains. Even after losing about $3 billion in market capitalization in 2019, XRP remains the third-largest digital asset after Bitcoin […]


SEC Is Bringing ‘Thor’s Hammer’ Against Ripple, Warns Tone Vays

Ripple is coming under fire from a serial Bitcoin (BTC) proponent this week after news emerged a lawsuit against the company has intensified.Ripple will feel U.S. regulators’ wrath, says VaysRipple, which notionally controls the token known as XRP, is currently being taken to court by an investor, Bradley Sostack, who claims the company engaged in […]


Open Letter From Ripple Asks US Gov’t For Fair Crypto Regulation

Blockchain payment network Ripple signed an open letter to United States regulators on July 28 ahead of fresh hearings on cryptocurrency regulation this week. In the wake of mixed feelings from Congress on both Facebook’s Libra digital currency and crypto more broadly, Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse appealed to Washington to be lenient in its future approach.The […]


Ripple Devs Rush To Fix Flaw In XRP’s Blockchain

A fix is in the works to stop XRP’s blockchain from getting bogged down by spam.An anonymous developer has created an open source tool that allows anyone to upload files of any size onto the XRP blockchain. The tool works by exploiting the memo field (known as the destination tag) that all XRP transactions have, […]


Bank of America To Utilize Ripple Blockchain For Interbank Communication Application

Bank of America has been among the leading holders of blockchain patents in the United States and has just registered one more. As per the new patent filing on Google Patents, BOA will use the Ripple Blockchain for a new interbank communication and settlement system.Ripple has been among the helm of providing blockchain services to […]

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