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A Taste of Bad (and Good) Things to Come

Editor’s Note: Yesterday, Nick Giambruno told you why public pensions are an epic government Ponzi scheme, far more dangerous than anything a private crook like Bernie Madoff could create.Today, he explains why the next financial crisis is close at hand, how it will inevitably unravel public pensions, and the two key commodities set to boom […]


The Collapse of the Next “Bernie Madoff”

By Nick Giam​brunoImagine a Major League Baseball player batting .966 and no one suspecting a cheat…That’s how Harry Markopolos, a private financial fraud investigator, described it.Markopolos was referring to Bernie Madoff’s claimed investment returns. Supposedly, Madoff’s fund only had three down months out of 87.Of course, Madoff wasn’t batting .966. His $65 billion Ponzi scheme […]


Doug Casey on the “Green Gold” Rush

Editor’s Note: Cash-strapped states are quickly turning to legal marijuana to alleviate their budget problems. However, this is only one of the many catalysts accelerating the 2018 legal marijuana boom.Early this summer, Canada is set to completely legalize marijuana nationwide. At that point, it will become the first large, industrialized Western nation to legalize marijuana […]

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