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Litecoin Could See Another Price Crash Soon, Will Bitcoin Follow?

The crypto market remains volatile, with analysts actively trying to seek insight into its next moves. Litecoin now appears ready for a notable correction. Such a move could set off a similar drop in Bitcoin and other cryptos, as it has done before.LITECOIN MAY OFFER CLARITY TO UNPREDICTABLE MARKETAs crypto traders attempt to find patterns […]


Will Litecoin Perform Well In 2020?

Will Litecoin perform well in 2020? Altcoins started strong this year. The cryptocurrency market itself has made a very good introduction to 2020, with major developments expected. However, this does not eliminate the fact that relatively smaller cryptocurrencies on the market are fighting to take top place. Many altcoins, including Tron, Ethereum, Stellar Lumens, Cardano, XRP, […]


Analysts Conflicting On Where The Litecoin LTC Price Is Headed Next

After the bloodshed seen across the market near the end of the weekend, Bitcoin and the altcoins have begun their recovery. While growing the least among the top 10s. Litecoin is still beginning its recovery, trudging its way back to $75.00. At the time of writing, the Litecoin LTC price is trading at $71.17, up […]


Litecoin Price Gains 22% as Chart ‘Cup and Handle’ Targets $100

On Jan. 30 Litecoin (LTC) lit up the charts in both it’s USD and Bitcoin (BTC) pars by rallying more than 20% to secure a spot as the highest daily gainer amongst the top-10 cryptos ranked by market capitalization. Investors will recall that in 2019, Litecoin front-ran the Ether (ETH) and Bitcoin rally by pumping more […]


Litecoin Primed for Reversal as Altcoins Surge — Price Analysis

The crypto markets have been burgeoning in the past week or so, as Bitcoin (BTC) has led the way up to the limits of its long term downtrending structure. Both major and midcap altcoins have started to shine, and leading altcoin Litecoin (LTC) has been among them with some very interesting strength coming in.We start […]


Litecoin Price Suffers Worst Weekly Losing Streak in a Year

In ending last week in the red, the world’s fifth-largest cryptocurrency, litecoin, has confirmed its longest weekly losing streak in a year.LTC suffered an 8 percent drop in the week ended Sept. 1, having registered 3.17, 15.10, and 5.74 percent losses in the preceding three weeks, according to Bitfinex data.That is the longest losing streak […]


The Most Profitable Cryptocurrency for Mining: BTC and LTC

The cryptocurrency prices are once again on the rise, and new investors and traders from around the world are joining the space. The new rally was also extremely beneficial for the crypto mining sector, which saw significant difficulties during the bear market. The prices were constantly dropping, and so it was almost impossible for miners […]


Cryptocurrency Litecoin Received a Mark B from Weiss Ratings

Popular American agency Weiss Ratings has published a fresh rating of cryptocurrency. Note that the Litecoin received a B rating (excellent). This is due to the high investment attractiveness and massive use of this project. But it is also worth noting that the risk-to-return ratio was less appreciated than other Litecoin parameters, it got mark […]


3 Mega Bullish Triggers That Can Set the Cryptocurrency Market on Fire

In investing, there’s a saying that goes, “a rising tide lifts all boats.” This adage rings true even in the cryptocurrency world because when one token becomes bullish, it is likely that other altcoins turn bullish as well. The bullish sentiment tends to get more infectious as more people hop on the bandwagon. In addition […]


As Bitcoin Continues Its Climb, Top Crypto Assets Tease Breakouts

Bitcoin’s (BTC) ascent continues with prices hitting new multi-month highs earlier today, and other top cryptocurrencies may soon join the party.Bitcoin violated the resistance zone of $6,055–$6,100 with a UTC close at $6,156 on Thursday and reached a six-month high of $6,336 on Bitstamp at 07:40 UTC today.Prices have now hit multi-month highs on three […]

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