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What Crypto Really Thinks About Litecoin’s Banking Ambitions

It was news that was perhaps too strange for crypto’s typically divided reactions.First revealed Wednesday, the Litecoin Foundation, the non-profit that develops the software that powers the sixth-largest cryptocurrency, bought a stake in a very real, non-crypto bank. The move was met with applause and skepticism, but also a stunned sense of disbelief from nearly all […]


Why Litecoin’s Creator Is Buying Into a Bank (And How It Could Go Wrong)

One of the most unusual and potentially transformative deals in the cryptocurrency space started as an argument on social media.Back in April, Charlie Lee, the creator of litecoin, was exchanging barbs on Twitter with Derek Capo, the CEO of payment processor TokenPay. But their fight quickly turned into a friendly exchange of direct messages, in […]


For Litecoin’s Price, This Week’s Close Could Be Pivotal

Litecoin’s (LTC) close this week will likely set the tone for the next major move in prices, the technical charts indicate.The cryptocurrency saw moves both ways last week – prices hit lows and highs of $72.58 and $84.24, respectively – before closing on Sunday on a flat note at $80, signaling indecision in the market. […]


CRYPTO INSIDER: Litecoin’s Founder Regrets Selling When He Did

Charlie Lee, the founder of litecoin has hinted that he has some regrets about selling his entire holding shortly before Christmas.”I still think it was the right move but I question whether — I think in the long run it was the right move but in the short term while the price is down, below […]


Litecoin Proves Cryptocurrencies Can Disrupt the Global Banking Sector

On April 19, Litecoin proved cryptocurrencies will disrupt the global banking sector, as $99 million worth of LTC was sent in a single transaction.The $99 million was eye-popping, but more amazing was the fact that the entire transaction took just two and a half minutes to settle and cost the parties only $0.40.The story immediately […]


Litecoin Is The Dark Web’s Favorite Altcoin

Litecoin has unexpectedly increased in preference among internet users looking to transact cryptocurrencies for illicit services. It is now the second most popular cryptocurrency on the Dark Web — behind only Bitcoin.A LITE IN THE DARKNESSLitecoin (LTC) is now the most popular altcoin on the Dark Web.According to a report from Recorded Future, Litecoin has […]


Litecoin Price Prediction: Is the Captain Really Abandoning His Ship?

On Thursday morning, Litecoin prices are managing to keep their head above water although a spate of distressing news is playing havoc with investor sentiments.Fearmongers are spreading fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD) that after “LitePay” failed to fully deliver on its promises, Charlie Lee’s latest investment disclosure may have hammered the final nail in the […]


Litecoin Cash Forecast: 7 Facts to Know Before the Split

Here’s What You Need to Know About the Upcoming Litecoin Hard ForkLitecoin owners are at a crossroads. After Bitcoin and Ethereum, Litecoin is the next cryptocurrency facing an impending hard fork. In layman’s terms, it’s a split in Litecoin’s blockchain that will create a new cryptocurrency named Litecoin Cash. The Litecoin split date has moved […]


Is the Litecoin Hard Fork a Scam?

Litecoin prices jumped more than 21% Wednesday to top $200 per coin ahead of a controversial Litecoin hard fork scheduled for Feb. 18, 2018.The hard fork will create a spin-off coin called “Litecoin Cash.”The Litecoin Cash development team is claiming it will create a faster, more efficient blockchain that reduces transaction costs.Still, there is substantial […]


Let There be Lite – Litecoin ‘Game Changer’ Litepay to be Released February 26

For years, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have been held back by their limited acceptance and shortage of use cases – keeping them outside the realm of viable “currency.” However, with LitePay only days away, is all that about to change?HERE COMES LITEPAYOn Tuesday, LitePay, Inc. announced a launch date for its purportedly instantaneous Litecoin (LTC) […]

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