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Bitcoin Price Still Trading Flat While Litecoin Hits 7-Month High

ViewThe immediate outlook for bitcoin will remain bearish while prices are held below the 6-hour chart 50-candle moving average, currently at $3,417.Litecoin’s BTC-denominated exchange rate (LTC/BTC) clocked seven-month highs earlier today. A close above 0.010182 BTC would confirm an inverse head-and-shoulders breakout and open up upside toward 0.013 BTC. The rally, however, may not happen […]


Christmas And Cryptocurrency: How Did The Market Change Christmas After Christmas

The cryptocurrency market has been changing over time, and this is something that can be seen Christmas over Christmas. The number of crypto markets has moved from 59 in 2013 up to more than 2,000 nowadays. During the same period of time, Bitcoin lost an important part of its market dominance, however, the impressive growth of […]


Cryptocurrency Critics Are Avid Crypto Investors In Private

Most renown wall street investors have been on record criticizing Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), etc. In their highly publicized ‘financial advice’. They have been cautioning the public from investing in Digital Assets terming them fake, fraudulent, and often predicting an imminent plunge to zero.However, a quick look into their investment’s […]


How Much Have Those Who Held onto Their Cryptocurrency Lost in 2018?

If you’d HODLed through 2018, how much would your cryptocurrency investment be worth now?Being left holding the bag while others cash out all around you is not a nice feeling.We’re deep in the throes of a bear market across the board, so it’s time to put a little perspective out there. Traditional investors may have […]


Understanding the Uses of Different Types Of Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency – a term which has become incredibly prominent in the mainstream media during recent years due to the proliferation of Bitcoin millionaires. As a result, the new form of currency has earned an almost infamous status. However, as with any major step forward, there is still much confusion regarding the use of cryptocurrencies, what […]


World’s Largest Utilize Blockchain

From Elon Musk and Bitcoin to the long-awaited launch of crypto debit cards in the US, here’s a look at some of the stories breaking in the world of blockchain.BitcoinA new tweet about Bitcoin from entrepreneur Elon Musk just went viral.In a response to a question about online security for Tesla owners, Musk launched a […]


Cryptocurrency Market Update: Litecoin Lights up The Top Twenty

FOMO MomentsMarkets still climbing as the week ends, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and Cardano performing well.As we round out the week in crypto land markets are back up again. The cycle has repeated so expect a dump on Sunday or Monday. Current total capitalization is back over $220 billion as the altcoins lead the rebound.Bitcoin has […]


There’s A ‘Concerted Effort To Suppress Litecoin Price,’ Says Charlie Lee

Litecoin creator, Charlie Lee, took to Twitter, complaining about recent efforts to “suppress Litecoin price” with FUD spreading by those “shorting LTC and… that see Litecoin as a threat.”BIG UP DA LITECOINLee had a lot to say regarding accusations that Litecoin $56.8507 had lost its edge in an increasingly oversaturated market.Illustrating the high level of […]


Two Sides of the Coin: Litecoin Mining vs Bitcoin Mining

The heyday for mining established cryptocurrency has all but come and gone. These days you seriously need to know what you’re doing if you want to compete with the big boys. Industrial-scale operations have driven many enthusiasts to look for opportunity in smaller coins in hopes of catching the next big trend.We’ve covered cryptocurrency mining […]


Yahoo Finance Integrates Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin Trading

Yahoo Finance has integrated trading with Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Litecoin (LTC) on its platform.While statistics are available on the platform for other digital currencies like Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ethereum Classic (ETC) or EOS, they currently do not have buy and sell options.The development has led some in the crypto community to say that […]

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