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Square CEO Jack Dorsey Says Bitcoin’s Lightning Is Coming to Cash App

A bitcoin scaling solution called the lightning network may soon come to Square’s Cash App for mobile payments.Twitter and Square CEO Jack Dorsey, an investor in the bitcoin-oriented startup Lightning Labs, recently announced during an interview with podcaster Stephan Livera that there are plans to integrate the scaling technology with Square’s mobile app.“It’s not an […]


Latest Lightning Code Release Trolls With a ‘Block Size’ Increase

The latest code version for the lightning network – often trumpeted as the future of bitcoin payments – includes a “block size increase.”One of the most active lightning implementations, LND, pushed out its newest “minor” release, version 0.5.2, of its beta code on Wednesday. Though it includes several changes from many contributors, mostly with the […]


Bitfury Releases Merchant, Developer Tools for Bitcoin’s Lighting Network

Blockchain technology firm Bitfury has released a suite of tools aimed to drive adoption of bitcoin’s lightning network.Although the network is still under development, Bitfury announced a comprehensive product list to support the tech on Wednesday, including an open-source lightning wallet and hardware and software tools for merchants and payment processors to accept payments. It […]


2019: What’s ahead for Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency and Blockchain?

If we look back across 2018, it has been a wild year. Most of the promises of 2017 have been broken. 2018 has been a tough year for the cryptocurrency companies, the cryptocurrencies themselves and for the investors of course. But underneath all of that, we see some foundations of some very exciting things being […]


Blockstream Satellite Now Means Most of the World Can Use Bitcoin Without Internet

Blockchain technology company Blockstream revealed the second phase of its satellite-based Bitcoin communications project Blockstream Satellite this week.Satellite Coverage Expands to Asia PacificPart of a plan to provide free private Bitcoin sending and receiving without the need for an internet connection, the company now provides satellite coverage of the Asia Pacific region, an accompanying blog […]


How Much Have Those Who Held onto Their Cryptocurrency Lost in 2018?

If you’d HODLed through 2018, how much would your cryptocurrency investment be worth now?Being left holding the bag while others cash out all around you is not a nice feeling.We’re deep in the throes of a bear market across the board, so it’s time to put a little perspective out there. Traditional investors may have […]


At 100 BTC And 12K Channels, The Lightning Network Is Larger Than Ever

The Lightning Network for Bitcoin became bigger than any time in history this month as capacity reached 100 BTC ($730,000) in a new first.PARTICIPANTS BREAK NEW BARRIERSData from monitoring resource 1ML confirms the milestone, which caps an extraordinary period of growth for Lightning over the summer months.Currently, 3350 nodes and over 12,000 channels contribute to […]


Bitcoin’s Lightning Network Is Getting Its Own Hacker Camp

You’re scrolling through an online electronic store, when a new drone catches your eye.Eager to fly it for real, you enter a string of numbers to submit your payment. You’re not thinking at all about how, behind the scenes, it’s bitcoin that makes the impulse purchase possible.Far-fetched today? Maybe, but that’s the sort of easy […]


PayPal: We’ll ‘Definitely Support’ Bitcoin If It Becomes ‘Better Currency

The CFO of PayPal defended the case for fiat merchant settlements Monday, telling mainstream media the company could nonetheless “definitely support” Bitcoin in the future.CFO RAINEY POINTS FINGER AT VOLATILITYSpeaking to CNBC in an edition of the network’s Mad Moneysegment, John Rainey, PayPal’s CFO, claimed that volatility was the reason PayPal did not “see a […]


Coincards Brings Bitcoin Lightning Network Payments to Amazon

Canadian consumers can now purchase practically anything with Bitcoin instantly and at near-zero transaction fees after gift card merchant rolled out support for the Lightning Network (LN).PAY FOR VIRTUALLY ANYTHING WITH LIGHTNINGA blog post on its website confirmed on social media April 9 sees Coincards, which has allowed users to buy gift cards for […]

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