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Tokens Continue to Take a Hit: Is SEC Preparing to Target Crypto Projects?

The price of Bitcoin has dropped by 10 percent over the last 24 hours following a severe sell-off. Yet, several low market cap crypto and tokens have plunged by twice that amount, posting losses in the range of 20 percent.ERC20 tokens launched on top of the Ethereum blockchain network have performed especially poorly against both […]


Most Profitable Coins Often Overlooked

Andrew Wong, a senior executive at International Digital Currency Markets (IDCM), believes the likes of Bitcoin and Ethereum are going to be around for the foreseeable future, as well as many of the altcoins challenging their position.However, he said the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies is “still at least a decade away” – and even if […]


How Small Investors Can Benefit from Blockchain Funds

Investing into blockchain startups can be rather challenging for small investors. Nevertheless, working with funds can open new opportunities for them.It is obvious that investing (regardless of which type of market we are talking about) can be a rather difficult task, especially for those who still haven’t gained enough experience and knowledge in this sphere. […]


CFTC Wants ICO Investors To Do Their Homework Before Putting Their Money

CFTC tells investors that digital tokens promoted by businesses may either be categorized as securities, derivatives, and commodities, depending on how they are structured.Once again a U.S regulatory body has issued a new advisory asking ICO investors to do their own homework before putting their hard-earned money into it. This time it is the Commodity […]


Report: More Than Three-Quarters of ICOs Were Scams

About half of the existing crypto-asset market today – numbering some 1,500 – functions on top of an existing blockchain like ethereum, according to a new report.The study from Satis Group, which forms part of a five-entry series analyzing the state of the cryptocurrency ecosystem, explores the state of what it calls “platform networks,” honing […]


More Than Half of ICOs Fail Within 4 Months, Study Suggests

While over 4,000 ICO projects have managed to raise a combined total of around $12 billion to date – and most since January 2017 – a majority of them fail within four months of their token sales, a new study suggests.The research, conducted by a small team at Boston College in Massachusetts, found that a […]


John McAfee Quits Promoting ICO’s ‘Due To SEC Threats’

It appears the days of John McAfee promoting initial coin offerings (ICOs) are over. In a tweet on June 18, 2018, McAfee announced his decision to no longer work with ICOs.MCAFEE BACKS OUT OF ICO PROMOTIONS ‘DUE TO SEC THREATS’McAfee’s tweet was a response to a question posed by one of his followers, asking him […]


SEC Chairman Jay Clayton Says Bitcoin Not a Security, Most ICOs Likely Are

Jay Clayton, the chair of the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), believes that Bitcoin (BTC) is not a security since it acts as a replacement for sovereign currencies, CNBC reports today, June 6.Clayton, when speaking about the “incredible promise” of distributed ledger technologies driving efficiencies in markets, clarified during today’s CNBC interview his thoughts […]


SEC Getting Ready for a Massive Crypto Fraud Battle

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has come out guns blazing in the fight to combat ICO fraud and protect sma​​​​ll investors.As we know, cryptocurrencies stole the headlines in 2017, with Bitcoin’s biggest milestones, such as reaching an all-time high value of $20k, a definite topic of conversation around the investor dinner table.Potential investors could […]


John McAfee Is Charging $105,000 For Tweets Promoting ICOs

Ah, McAfee, you’ve done it again.John McAfee, the antivirus software pioneer whose bio includes a murder accusation, has let it be known that he’s charging $105,000 per tweet promoting a cryptocurrency or an initial coin offering (ICO).Using his lucrative Twitter account, the self-proclaimed “crypto visionary” tweeted to his 811,000 followers a link to The McAfee […]

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