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Tezos & Ethereum: These Top Performing Altcoins Flash Dangerous Sell Signals

The talk of the crypto industry over the last few weeks has been focused on the massive gains from many altcoins across the top ten cryptocurrencies by market cap, however, few assets were buzzing as much as Ethereum and Tezos.The two altcoins are up well over 100% year-to-date, however, both have just flashed a very […]


Ethereum and Tezos Surge Most in Top 10 as Altcoins Rally

Both ethereum (ETH) and tezos (XTZ) surged overnight to post double-digit 24-hour gains, positioning them as two the best-performing cryptoassets among the top 10 coins both over the past 24-hours and for the week. As of pixel time (10:00 UTC), ETH is up by over 14% over the past 24 hours to a price of USD […]


Ethereum Price Sets 2020 High – Are Investors Buying the ETH 2.0 Hype?

Altcoin price action has been the talk of the town for the past two weeks — and for good reason. Since the start of 2020, altcoins like Icon (ICX), AION and WanChain (WAN) have surged more than 200%, 120% and 60% respectively, leading some analysts to suggest that a new altcoin season has begun. Now, Ether […]


Privacy on Ethereum: Aztec Protocol Launches on Mainnet

The Aztec privacy network has officially launched on the Ethereum blockchain on Feb. 1. Using Zcash-based technology, it introduces confidential tokens where all amounts are cryptographically hidden.The network is currently in limited deployment as it only supports zkDai, a private version of Maker’s stablecoin. Other zero knowledge tokens are set to be released in the […]


Ethereum (ETH) On the Verge of a Massive Upswing as Altcoins Begin Rallying

After incurring a slight pullback over the past couple of days, Ethereum and the aggregated cryptocurrency markets appear to be primed for an extension of their recent uptrend.This overt strength is coming about as Bitcoin is beginning to show signs of recovering from its recent lows and may point to the possibility that the recent […]


Ethereum Classic Skyrockets Over 100% with a Dash of Binance Leverage

The ethereum classic price is riding high on Friday, as a crucial technical upgrade partnered with a dash of Binance leverage to launch the lesser-known altcoin into the stratosphere.ETC zoomed as high as $10.11 on Thursday evening. That doubled the altcoin’s price for a 100% gain over $5.07 a week earlier. The Asian and European sessions […]


Ethereum’s ‘Bazaar’ Development Model Will Pay Off in 2020

My life would be much easier if I could give you an exact date when Ethereum 2.0 will go live, if I could show you a two-year committed road map or explain precisely how cross-shard transactions will preserve DeFi composability. I’m pretty sure failing to have answers on issues like these would have gotten me […]


Into the Ether: 90% of All ETH Wallets Now ‘Out-of-the-Money’

Ether is down significantly from record highs and the majority of its holders are losing money on their investments.The second-largest cryptocurrency, which powers ethereum’s blockchain, is currently trading at $131, representing a 90 percent drop from the all-time high of $1,431 reached in early January 2018, according to CoinDesk’s ether price index.The relentless price slide […]


Ethereum Istanbul Hard Fork Get Support From Major Crypto Exchanges

Following the successful Ethereum Istanbul hard fork update, several popular exchanges have announced their official support for the network upgrade.Yesterday, on Dec. 7, the Ethereum’s network saw ample collaboration between node operators and miners to update the software to support the Istanbul hard fork.Some crypto exchanges even sounded their willingness to update a few days […]


How Ethereum Is Shaping Up to Be a Digital Finance Powerhouse

The store of value narrative has largely been applied to Bitcoin over the past couple of years. BTC is often labeled ‘digital gold’ and this year’s hodling has proved that people are still willing to hold on to it for a longer term. Ethereum is evolving in a different way but it is also turning […]

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