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‘Significant’ Ethereum Rally Signals New Altcoin Season — Peter Brandt

Popular trader Peter Brandt believes that Ether (ETH) saw a significant breakout in its ETH-BTC pair on July 9. According to the veteran trader, the breakout could be a signal that a new altcoin season could occur in the near-term.Brandt tweeted:“Significant breakout in ETH-BTC with target of .03276 BTC. Most alts should gain on Bitcoin […]


Visa Seeks Ethereum And Ripple Devs For Global Blockchain Payments

Visa is on the lookout for Ethereum developers to help build a global blockchain payments network. According to a job advertisement by the payment processing giant on its New Zealand site, the company is looking for a “strong developer experienced with Ethereum and blockchain architecture” to join its Global Commercial Payments team, working on distributed applications.“Our […]


These 5 Factors Suggest Demand for Ethereum Could Set a New High

n 2018, Ethereum rallied as high as ~$1,430 on the back of an influx of demand caused by the then-ongoing initial coin offering (ICO) boom. ICOs had to raise money, and ICOs often raised money so through ETH — a widely-adopted, well-known, and easily-accessible cryptocurrency. Hence, the demand for Ethereum spiked as investors began to speculate […]


$300 ETH? Ether Looks to Be Next Major Crypto to Follow Cardano

Recently, several altcoins have been showing strength. A few good examples are Theta Token (THETA), Zilliqa (ZIL) and Elrond (ERD). However, the large caps are lagging heavily, and the only large cap performing well has been Cardano (ADA). As smaller-cap altcoins begin to lift off, some investors might be wondering exactly what is needed for a […]


Data Shows 80% of ETH Investments Are in Profit

Key TakeawaysDemand for ETH comes from investors who are accumulating and DeFi users who require ETH for transaction fees.The number of unique ETH holders has risen from 35 million to 42 million in 2020.80% of supply in profit is unsustainable, and a correction may be warranted.​​Altcoins have been the focal point of the post-March 2020 […]


As Ether Grinds Upward Past $200, These Signals Can Fuel ETH Price

While the focus has been on Bitcoin’s (BTC) price recently, it is slowly shifting toward different projects. There’s a straightforward reason for that: The halving has passed by, so the markets are reverting to their normal day-to-day fluctuations. Hence, altcoins can regain some more attention.Based on that assumption, an analysis of Ethereum and its native […]


Ethereum Options In Line For A Pullback; Slingshot Or Quicksand?

If you had to pick one week all year when altcoins were the least-talked about topic in the cryptocurrency world, it would be this one. With Bitcoin’s block rewards being halved earlier this week, the focus was entirely on the top cryptocurrency, but one altcoin is still well within the picture. Ethereum, the world’s largest altcoin […]


Ethereum 2.0 Hype Is Real As ETH Network Utilization Reaches 93.77%

Like most altcoins, Ethereum registered a widely inconsistent 2020. After an initial rally towards the start of the year, a pullback was witnessed during the third week of February, following which, a Black Swan event almost toppled the world’s largest altcoin. Bitcoin noted a similar dilemma as well, but the market has been resilient since March […]


Disbelief? Charts Suggest This Chainlink, Ether Rally Is Not Like 2019

Several altcoins have been showing strength in the past week with some of them seeing surges of more than 100%. One of them is Chainlink (LINK), whose price has risen 156% since Black Thursday, while Ether (ETH) price also rallied 135%.The main question becomes whether altcoins are back in the game, or whether it’s just […]


Data Shows Ethereum is Gearing Up for an Explosive Downside Movement

Ethereum has been closely tracking Bitcoin’s price action throughout the past several days and weeks, which has led ETH to once again enter a bout of sideways trading within the mid-$130 region.Despite being able to post a strong rebound from its recent lows, it is important to note that analysts are widely anticipating ETH to […]

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