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Mobile-Based Cryptocurrency Praised by Co-Inventor of Blockchain

The “founding father of blockchain” has praised the company behind a mobile-based cryptocurrency — and how its long-term goals go beyond profit maximization to create a better world for everyone.Globally renowned scientist and cryptographer Scott Stornetta was instrumental in inventing blockchain technology back in 1991. He was quoted in Satoshi Nakamoto’s white paper for Bitcoin […]


Electroneum (ETN) Price Leaps 38% in Hours, But is it Built on Empty Volume?

The Electroneum coin price increased by over 38% on Friday, returning the cryptocurrency to the top hundred ranked coins ranked by market cap. But given that most of ETN’s daily volume came primarily from crypto exchanges known for inflating their volume, it’s hard to see ETN remaining atop the market charts for too long.Electroneum Price […]


Electroneum Launches $80 Smartphone That Rewards Users With Crypto

Blockchain startup Electroneum has just launched a dirt-cheap Android smartphone that rewards users in cryptocurrency.Announcing the news on Monday, the firm said its new M1 is a Google Mobile Services (GMS)-certified smartphone that comes with a cloud mining technology integration enabling users to earn crypto through an app.The $80 smartphone, however, will at launch mine […]


12 Worst Cryptocurrencies To Avoid, According To Weiss Ratings

Weiss Ratings recently released its latest cryptocurrency rankings. The good news is that Bitcoin’s report card has improved. The bad news is that there is certainly no shortage of weak altcoins to stay away from. Here are the twelve cryptos investors should avoid according to the independent ratings agency.12 CRYPTOCURRENCIES TO AVOID RIGHT NOWThe incredible […]


Electroneum to be Listed on Kucoin

Electroneum, the exciting new mobile-based cryptocurrency, is set to be listed on KuCoin, one of the top exchanges in Asia.This comes as Electroneum announces a partnership with QUOINE, showing that the team is taking expansion into the Asian markets seriously.KuCoin has a great reputation as a secure and technologically advanced exchange and should bring significant […]

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