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CoinShares, Blockchain Launch Gold Token Network on a Bitcoin Sidechain

Digital asset manager CoinShares is putting gold on the bitcoin blockchain.Working with wallet provider Blockchain and precious medal trader MKS (Switzerland) SA, the U.K.-based firm announced Tuesday a gold-backed network for trading tokens representing digitized physical gold, a project two years in the making.According to CoinShares, the network launches today with more than $20 million […]


Facebook’s Cryptocurrency Project Suffers Massive Blow As MasterCard, Visa, eBay, And Others Withdraw From Libra

The future of Facebook’s cryptocurrency project is in jeopardy as many of the companies initially attached to Libra have jumped ship.Mastercard, Visa, eBay, Stripe, and Mercado Pago will all no longer participate in the Libra Association, the group working to launch Facebook’s proposed cryptocurrency, the Financial Times and Bloomberg first reported on Friday. Facebook confirmed […]


Gold and Blockchain: A Budding Financial Romance at the Perfect Time

If you’ve been following Peter Schiff for his prediction of the 2008 financial collapse or strictly because of his affinity for gold, then you’re probably aware that he is not a fan of Bitcoin (BTC), but would he be interested in gold-backed smart contracts?The United States Federal Reserve cut interest rates by another quarter-point on […]


Why French Lender SocGen Issued a $110 Million Ethereum Bond to Itself

Six months after Societe Generale issued its first bond on a public blockchain, it has yet to offer the instrument to clients or to make use of the full capabilities of the smart contract mediating the sale. But the French financial institution insists that it hasn’t forgotten about the €100 million (roughly $110 million) bond, which […]


Tim Draper Bets on New .Crypto Domain to Replace Wallet Addresses

Tim Draper-backed Unstoppable Domains has launched its new .crypto domain registry on the Ethereum blockchain. The registry allows users to connect any cryptocurrency address to their domain, enabling payments to be made using just the domain name, according to a press release published on Oct. 11.Alleviating The Need For Length Wallet AddressesTo make a payment, […]


E-commerce Giant Overstock Opens Blockchain R&D Center in Ireland

E-commerce giant Overstock has opened a blockchain research and development (R&D) center in Ireland.According to a news release published on Oct. 9, the firm’s new R&D center is located in “IDA’s flagship North West business park in Sligo” and is expected to make its 100th Irish hire before the end of 2019. Currently, it employs […]


New York State Financial Regulator Hiring Crypto and Blockchain Specialist

New York state’s financial regulator is hiring a specialist with expertise in the field of virtual currencies and blockchain, per a recently published announcement.The Department of Financial Services is looking to hire a Deputy Superintendent in the Research and Innovation Division, with a background in cryptocurrencies, blockchain, distributed ledger technology and other related fields. The […]


Have at It, Libra: There’s No Apple Cryptocurrency on the Horizon

Don’t expect American tech powerhouse Apple to launch a cryptocurrency any time soon … or ever for that matter.Well, at least not while the company’s chief executive officer Tim Cook is at the helm. The CEO noted in a new interview with French financial newspaper Les Échos that he believes states, and not private entities […]


How Adoption Of Cryptocurrency Stablecoins Can Open Access To The 1.7 Billion Unbanked and Poor

Public retail adoption of stablecoins might occur more rapidly in countries without a strong banking infrastructure. The 2017 Global Findex database, launched with funding from the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation, points to advances in digital technology that are key to achieving the World Bank goal of universal financial access.Stablecoin initiatives are developing at a rapid […]

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