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British Virgin Islands Announce US Dollar-backed Digital Currency

Blockchain startup LifeLabs announced that it is developing a digital currency dubbed BVI~LIFE in partnership with the British Virgin Islands (BVI).According to a press release on Dec. 3, the currency is part of a broader initiative to grow the local fintech sector and will be presented during the BVI Digital Economy symposium. The coin will be […]


The 7 Best Cryptocurrencies to Buy as Blockchain Heats Up

It has been over a decade since the bitcoin network first breathed its digital life, bringing with it the blockchain concept. Since then, the search for the best cryptocurrency has riveted both blockchain advocates as well as the mainstream media. No matter what your opinion about cryptocurrencies, they undoubtedly represent a bold vision of our […]


ILCoin Launched 5 Gb Block, Powered Blockchain for Adoption by Finance and Tech

ILCoin Blockchain Project has confirmed the successful launch of RIFT protocol and the release of 5Gb block – the biggest stable block in the market. The main purpose of this development is to break the scalability limit of blockchain technology, prepare it for wide adoption by data storage, finance, and other industries, and create a […]


Ex-Morgan Stanley Developers Launch High-Speed Cryptocurrency Derivatives Exchange

A group of former software developers from Morgan Stanley announced on Wednesday the launch of a cryptocurrency derivatives exchange called Phemex that aims to execute trades in less than a millisecond for both retail and institutional investors.Jack Tao, an 11-year executive with Morgan Stanley where he was the global development leader of the investment bank’s […]


Binance Cryptocurrency Exchange Adds Support For Tezos Staking

Binance — the second-largest crypto exchange by daily trade volume — has announced support for Tezos (XTZ) staking, according to an announcement published on Dec. 3.Starting on Dec. 4, Binance’s users will be able to trade with XTZ, with XTZ rewards to be calculated daily based on live snapshots and distributed monthly. The distribution is […]


Famous Analyst Unveils Idea for New Cryptocurrency Ranking System

Well-known crypto analyst Aat de KWAASTENIET presented the new cryptocurrency ranking system in his Medium blog post. Instead of taking into account their market capitalization, he focuses on the number of nodes.He clarified that the price of a given cryptocurrency is not be the only factor that should be taken into account when evaluating these assets. […]


SoftBank Releases Debit Cards With Built-In Blockchain Wallet

Japanese holding company SoftBank has introduced a new debit card featuring a built-in cryptocurrency wallet.According to a press release on Dec. 1, SoftBank developed a debit card featuring a built-in blockchain wallet in collaboration with United States-based wallet card developer Dynamics. The new product is called SBC Wallet Cards and can be used as a […]


Bitcoin and Altcoins Likely to Continue Bleeding

In the past three sessions, there was a sharp increase in selling pressure on bitcoin, resulting in a downside break below the USD 7,850 support area. BTC/USD declined more than 7% and traded below the USD 7,650 support. It is currently (09:00 UTC) trading near USD 7,500, with a negative bias.Also, many major altcoins dived […]


Cryptocurrency Expert Accused Of Assisting North Korea In Evading Sanctions

A man was arrested in California and accused of traveling to North Korea to deliver a presentation on using cryptocurrency and blockchain technology that could help the country evade sanctions, federal prosecutors in New York said Friday.Virgil Griffith, 36, was arrested Thursday at Los Angeles International Airport after he allegedly traveled North Korea in April […]


IBM Patents Blockchain to Stop Drones From Stealing Packages

Amazon, DHL and FedEx are building drones that deliver packages to your door. IBM, however, envisions a future where drones steal them instead. The computing giant won a patent on Nov. 12 for “Preventing anonymous theft by drones” with an Internet of Things (IoT) altimeter that triggers upon liftoff, tracking the package’s altitude and uploading the […]

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