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The Role Of Blockchain In Cybersecurity

There has been a lot of hype around blockchain technology, including predictions for how it can make communications and data sharing more secure.There are exciting possibilities for blockchain as a valuable platform for security professionals to protect important data. Yet the key features that advocates point to, such as the ability for participants to remain […]


New Balance To Use Blockchain To Stop Counterfeit Shoes

Tennis shoes are getting a boost from the blockchain. New Balance has announced it is working with the Cardano blockchain to develop an authentication system that will help consumers quickly and accurately determine if their shoes are the real deal, or counterfeit knockoffs. The program reportedly revolves solely around the Cardano blockchain, created by Hong […]


Cryptocurrency Shakedown: Old Tactics, New Twist

More proof that when it comes to crime, there’s nothing new under the sun: Federal prosecutors have charged two men with attempting to extort cryptocurrency worth more than $12 million from a startup firm planning to undertake an initial coin offering, in part via physical intimidation.Steven Nerayoff, of Great Neck, New York, and Michael Hlady […]


US Congress Wants Financial Crimes Director To Study Blockchain

Blockchain technology has just gotten a little bit of boost by the U.S. Congress. The House of Representatives has approved a bill that instructs the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) to begin looking at how blockchains could assist in the global fight against financial crimes. If they had reviewed the evidence from the source, lawmakers […]


Barclays Hackathon to Attack Data ‘Silos’ With Blockchain

Barclays is holding another hackathon to tackle the financial services industry’s perennial problem of systems that don’t talk to each other. Once again, blockchain will take center stage. The second annual DerivHack 2019 will take place October 16-17 in Barclays’ Rise accelerator spaces in London and New York, sites of last year’s 48-hour coding marathon, and […]


UK Startup Launches Crypto Insurance, 24/7 Bitcoin-Monitoring Service

Cardiff-based cryptocurrency insurance startup Coincover has launched an insurance policy covering theft and loss. Local news outlet Whales247 reported on Sept. 24 that this is “the first and only service to guarantee digital funds held online will not be lost or stolen.” Coincover’s service reportedly monitors the wallet at all times and issues warnings in case of […]


Bitcoin And Crypto Wallets Are Now Being Targeted By Malware

Bitcoin and the wider cryptocurrency market’s huge price rise over the last few years meant that criminals quickly began taking a closer interest in crypto.A rapid increase in crypto scams and thefts came along with mainstream bitcoin awareness.Now, cyber security researchers have warned that malware could be stealing bitcoin and cryptocurrency wallet information.The piece of […]


US Army Seeks Blockchain Experts Who Can Trace Bitcoin in Real-Time

The United States Army Contracting Command (ACC) of New Jersey has issued a pre-solicitation notice for cryptocurrency investigation service providers. As a pre-solicitation, posted on July 25, the notice and the ACC’s responses do not bind ACC to solicit or award a contract.For Use In Criminal InvestigationsAccording to the ACC, the cryptocurrency analytics solution is being […]

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