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Firefox Will Block Sneaky Cryptocurrency And Tracking Software

Firefox is getting the ability to cut off two ugly parts of the web: software that uses your computer to mine cryptocurrency — not for your benefit — and that tracks you even when you don’t agree to be tracked.Firefox Nightly and Beta — two test versions of the open-source browser — have an option […]


Crypto Exchange Bithumb Hacked for $13 Million in Suspected Insider Job

Update (09:30 UTC, April 1, 2019): According to a report from CoinDesk Korea, Bithumb may have also lost 20.2 million XRP in the recent breach. The XRP, worth $6.2 million at current prices, was moved from Bithumb’s wallet on March 29 in transactions that can be seen on XRPSCAN. The exchange is not yet confirming […]


How to Earn BCH as a Bitcoin Bounty Hunter

Bounty hunters have been helping to bring criminals to justice since the days of the Old West, and they are still just as needed today. If you want to become a bounty hunter and get paid with cryptocurrency, you don’t even need a fast horse or a revolver these days – just useful information on […]


Fake Bitcoin Electrum Wallet Ad Discovered on YouTube; Google Says Appropriate Action Taken

Google-owned video sharing platform YouTube inadvertently promoted a malicious advertisement for Bitcoin (BTC) wallet Electrum, with the ad redirecting users to downloading a malicious file.The advertisement was first spotted and reported by a user on Reddit, who published a post on March 26 detailing how a fake ad for Electrum was luring in unsuspecting users […]


New iPhone-Controlled Crypto Vault Promises ‘Bank-Grade’ Security

Trustology, founded by technologists who previously worked at such banks as BNY Mellon, RBS and Barclays, has launched an iPhone-controlled crypto vault it claims is secure enough for financial institutions.Announced Wednesday, the first version of TrustVault is available for download at the Apple UK App Store, and initially can be used to store ether, the […]


US District Attorney Charges OneCoin Founders With ‘Billions’ in Alleged Fraud

A United States District Attorney has charged the founders of an international cryptocurrency pyramid scheme that involved the marketing of an allegedly fraudulent digital currency called “OneCoin.” The announcement was published by the U.S. Attorney Office of the Southern District of New York on March 8.The founders and leaders of OneCoin, Konstantin Ignatov and his […]


As Court Reconvenes for QuadrigaCX, Questions Surround Empty Cold Wallets

Update: After the March 5, 2019 court hearing, Justice Wood has granted QuadrigaCX a 45-day stay on proceedings. He has also appointed Peter Wedlake, a Grant Thornton lawyer who is part of QuadrigaCX’s counsel, as the company’s Chief Restructuring Officer, though the judge was reluctant at first to approve the position out of cost and […]


New Crypto Hardware Wallet Fits Your Phone’s SIM Card Slot

U.S.-based startup VaultTel has launched a tiny cryptocurrency hardware wallet that sits in the SIM tray on mobile phones.The firm announced Tuesday that the wallet solution combines an app and the VaultTel Intellichip card to store cryptocurrency private keys on mobile devices, using biometric authentication and “military grade” encryption to keep the funds safe.The card […]


QuadrigaCX Wallets Found Empty, Mystery of $150 Million Missing Crypto Deepens

The cold wallets of QuadrigaCX, once the largest crypto exchange of Canada, have reportedly been found to be empty.According to Bloomberg, most of the Bitcoin funds from the exchange’s cold wallets were moved out in April 2018, more than 9 months before QuadrigaCX revealed it had lost $150 million in customer funds after its CEO […]


Thai SEC Bans Three Cryptocurrencies from ICO Investment, Trading Pairs

Thailand’s financial markets regulator has banned several cryptocurrencies as a means to invest in ICOs and as a base in trading pairs.The country’s Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) issued rules last July, mandating that any entity seeking to conduct a token sale must first file for an application for its approval. At the time, the […]

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