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These Two Altcoins Are Taking The Crypto Market By Storm

The cryptocurrency market has started recovering from its recent major crash for Bitcoin, which took down altcoins with it. Altcoins particularly have staged a massive recovery with several currently at over 10% gain in the last 24 hours. Few, however, can match the performance of Steem and Dash so far.Steem has in the last 24 […]


While the Crypto Market Was Hemorrhaging Value, These Tokens Mooned

Why do certain altcoins moon? It’s a question that all crypto holders have pondered at some stage while enviously eyeing the ascent of a token that wasn’t even on their radar, let alone their portfolio. If the performance of obscure tokens in a bull market is discombobulating, how to explain such breakouts in a deep […]


Silver vs. the Nasdaq Resembles BTC Ratio for Most Altcoins

Silver has seen diminishing gains compared to the Nasdaq. The chart should look familiar to those of us in the cryptocurrency world, particularly altcoin investors.Silver has been performing exceptionally poorly compared to the stock market since 2012. When put up against the Nasdaq, silver’s drastic drop resembles the charts for many altcoins in the past […]


Altcoin Market Trading Volume Reaches New Crypto All-Time High

Earlier at the start of the year, the altcoin market broke through downtrend resistance spanning two years of crypto winter. The breakout caused an explosive rally that caused many crypto assets to double in value in just two months’ time. However, trading volume has only increased during the recent selloff, reaching a new all-time high in […]


This One Altcoin’s Decorrelation With The Crypto Market Is Baffling Analysts

The aggregated cryptocurrency market has been closely following Bitcoin over the past couple of weeks, with altcoins slightly underperforming BTC during bearish trends, and outperforming the benchmark crypto during uptrends. Over the past few days, the market-wide trend has been overwhelmingly bearish, with Bitcoin’s break below its key support at $9,500 yesterday sparking a selloff that […]


This Altcoin Skyrockets By Over 20 Percent – Here’s Why

According to stats on coinmarketcap, Siacoin has surged by up to 20 percent. The coin alongside other major altcoins like Ethereum, BitcoinSV and Bitcoin cash is seen surging up brilliantly with BitcoinSV leading the pack.Skynet Launch Triggers A Pump In PriceSiacoin (SC) maintains a position among the top 100 cryptocurrencies listed on CoinMarketCap (CMC). At […]


Crypto Update: Altcoins Crash As Correction Deepens

The major cryptocurrencies got hit hard today, as the overbought correction that started on Saturday quickly escalated in the weekend environment. The most overbought altcoins, such as ETH and XRP fell the most, wiping out almost all of the latest leg higher. While today’s selloff was scary, it didn’t change the underlying bullish trend, and […]


Can Altcoins Keep On Rallying Higher?

Bitcoin has done nothing much over the past 48 hours but most altcoins have been making big moves. This is particularly true of coins like Ripple and Ethereum both of which have made big gains against Bitcoin recently. However, something is not right. Yesterday when we were talking about how XRP/USD was rallying while the […]


Bitcoin’s Uptrend Is Gaining Steam and Many Altcoins Are Surging, Too

While bitcoin’s rally has gathered pace in the last 24 hours, other major cryptocurrencies have put on a better show. Bitcoin, the top cryptocurrency by market value, found bids near $9,100 during the Asian trading hours on Wednesday and rose to a fresh three-month high of $9,755 during the late U.S. session. The convincing break […]


Global Altcoin Breakout Could Usher Return of Alt Season Crypto Riches

The altcoin market has been ablaze all 2020 thus far, after the total crypto market and many individual altcoins broke out from downtrend resistance and went on massive rallies.Next, altcoins are preparing a global breakout of major, horizontal resistance, which if holds could lead to a return of alt season and richest beyond investor’s wildest […]

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