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5 Lesser-Known Cryptocurrencies to Buy Before the Crowd

Cryptocurrencies have been some of the most explosive opportunities on the market in 2021. Granted, there was a short-lived pullback after U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen warned against cryptocurrencies being used “mainly for illicit financing.” However, the pullback didn’t last long at all.  All thanks to incredible retail and institutional buying interest. Skyridge Capital believes we could see […]


Altcoin Season: Your Profits Could Be Bigger Than Ever

Ladies and gentleman, welcome to “Altseason.” This isn’t like the “holiday season,” or a meteorological season like winter, spring, summer, and fall. This is a season of price surges and wealth creation. It’s a season I highly recommend you understand and take advantage of … I like to call it Altseason for short, but the […]


These Are The Top Ten Alt Coins By Market Cap

Altcoin or alternative coin is a generic term used to describe all forms of cryptocurrency that came after Bitcoin. In the cryptocurrency world, Bitcoin enjoyed a monopoly for about two years before the first altcoin was introduced. Bitcoin being the first and most popular cryptocurrency is now out of the reach of many investors because […]


These 5 Altcoins Are Beating Every Major Cryptocurrency This Week

Bitcoin (BTC) has topped $19,000 in a fresh bullish surge, but traders are all about altcoins on Nov. 24. In what many are heralding as the beginning of “alt season,” large-cap cryptocurrencies are seeing their biggest gains in three years. XRP, XLM Lead New “Alt Season” Cointelegraph takes a look at five of the biggest […]


Ethereum May Soon Help Altcoins to Rocket Higher; Here’s How

Ethereum and the aggregated cryptocurrency market have been consolidating for the past few days, with Bitcoin’s recent swing past $16,000 helping to provide a base of support for ETH and other altcoins. The crypto market’s ongoing uptrend is driven almost entirely by Bitcoin, but ETH and most other major altcoins are still woefully underperforming the benchmark digital […]


“10 Traps” Awaiting Investors in Possible Altcoin Rally

Bitcoin (BTC) price rose over 300% after reaching the bottom in March and came to the fore. Especially the BTC / USD parity, which saw over $ 16,000 again this week, continues to put salt in the wounds of altcoin investors. Although the altcoin rally expectation from investors has peaked since August, the expected increase […]


Check This If You Are Looking For Altcoin That Will Explode

Popular altcoin’s YFI token has dropped to $ 7,500 before seeing one of the busiest short squeezes ever. The cryptocurrency has experienced a tremendous surge in the past few days. Within hours of touching these lows, YFI faced sudden buying pressure and its price climbed up to $ 18,000. These figures point to an increase […]


Google Signs An Important Deal With Popular Altcoin

Google Cloud joined the EOS community called to become the block producer. shared today that Google Cloud plans to join the EOS community and is taking steps towards becoming an “EOS Block Generator”. In a press release shared exclusively with U.Today, announced that tech giant Google plans to join the EOS community of […]


Little-Known Altcoins are Preparing for Major Price Rallies, Says Popular Crypto Commentator

Popular crypto commentator and trading analyst Lark Davis has highlighted a collection of altcoins that appear poised to enter a bull run.  Speaking on a YouTube video, Davis told his followers to pay attention to decentralized finance (DeFi) assets built on the ethereum-competitor Polkadot. Davis highlighted Acala (ACA) as a particular project that has been gaining […]


More Than 430 Altcoins Are Now Derived From Bitcoin

Bitcoin—the godfather of all cryptocurrencies—is also a father, and grandfather, to over 436 altcoins that account for approximately six percent of the total sum of the cryptocurrency market.  But what’s up with Bitcoin’s reproductive rate, and what’s the forking point of it all? Here’s a rundown of Bitcoin’s most popular—and less popular—altcoin spin-offs. A Bitcoin fork, in […]

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