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4 Signs The Cryptocurrency Altcoin Market May Have Finally Bottomed

Bitcoin (BTC) made a sudden jump of 9% in the past 24 hours. However, altcoin cryptocurrencies have been showing strength recently as well.Recent surges from large caps have been in the double digits with Dash (DASH) surging 50% and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) 30% in the past four days. Is it possible to draw a conclusion […]


Bitcoin Price: These Charts Prove BTC Will Suffer a Brutal Crash

Thinking of buying bitcoin at current prices? Think again. The cryptocurrency has surged so far, so rapidly, that its rally is already starting to crater. While the coming implosion will exert pain across the entire market, it should present new opportunities that savvy investors can leverage to enhance the long-term value of their holdings.One profitable […]


Altcoins On A Collective Rise Against Bitcoin; Is The Age of Altcoin Here?

The Bitcoin has always strived to maintain its dominance over the other altcoin. For the last few days, the prices of altcoins started to increase and are showing positive momentum in the market trends. Recently, a tremendous gain has been noted in their prices.It seems like Altcoins are struggling to come out of the dominance […]

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