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Top 5 Cryptocurrencies (Not Named Bitcon) Leading the Charge in 2019

Every now and again, Bitcoinist has to admit that altcoins serve a purpose. It’s nauseating watching sh*tcoin after sh*tcoin distract fleeting investors, but the data doesn’t lie. Let’s look at the top five performing cryptocurrencies (not named Bitcoin) that are unleashing the bulls right now.Start of Another Bitcoin/Crypto Bull-Run?We’ve gotten pretty used to hearing about […]


Why The World Can’t All Be On One Cryptocurrency

There are those within the crypto community that hope to one day have a global currency, all on the blockchain, that will free us all from the clutches of governments and banks. While I do think that the future of currency is and ought to be crypto, I don’t see that particular scenario ever panning […]


Here’s Why Crypto Traders are Abandoning Altcoins to Bullishly Buy Bitcoin

Since January, in less than four months, the valuation of the crypto market is up around $52 billion from $125 billion with the bitcoin price comfortably hovering above the $5,300 mark.Historically, alternative cryptocurrencies, or altcoins, have performed particularly well when bitcoin demonstrates a sideways price movement or remains stable in a tight price range.While bitcoin […]


Can IBM’s World Wire Be The Answer To Cryptocurrency Payments Or Do We Need More Options?

If cryptocurrencies were the flavour of 2017, and 2019 is all about enterprise blockchain usage, then it is also important to note the quiet amalgamation of these two that has been bubbling under: the institutionalised cross-border blockchain payment solution.Everyone knows that one of Bitcoin’s most significant assets is its borderless nature and that it can […]


Could Amazon Rival Rakuten Trigger The Next Bitcoin Bull Run?

Amazon rival Rakuten, a Japan-based online retailer which has been expanding around the world in recent years, has begun accepting registrations for its new bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange, Rakuten Wallet—with bitcoin and cryptocurrency investors hoping other technology companies, such as U.S. online retail giant Amazon, will follow suit.Rakuten, a sprawling company with operations across e-commerce, […]


Cryptocurrency Trading for Beginners – System vs. Emotions

This post is an introduction to CFD trading for beginners.First of all, it’s relatively easy to learn the very basics of day trading or scalp trading. You need a couple of days to grasp them. Placing orders, recognizing basic price action patterns or reading the most useful indicators – these seem complicated, but in fact, […]


The Game Of Cryptothrones

Cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin will be the future of money. They are programmable and can be divided in very small sums of money, currently the extremely low cost transactions for IOT devices, etc. is not possible, but all this is changing fast.The bitcoin network currently has a limit of about 7 transactions per second, not […]


How The Values of Traditional Investing Apply to Cryptocurrency – And How They Don’t

Cryptocurrency has opened up the world of investment to a fresh demographic. While stock trading is only available to the tailored suit, digital currencies are accessible to the common man.Because of this, buying and mining cryptocurrency has created a brave new world for investment opportunities—as one blockchain innovator put it, “we’re already on the moon.”Digital […]


What are The Most Secure and Reliable Cryptocurrency Wallets (2019)?

Cryptocurrencies have gained traction for over a decade in the financial market. There are amazing opportunities for people to invest and gain value over a period of time in the growing cryptocurrency market. If you are an active participant in the financial market and engaged in buying, selling, or trading cryptocurrency, you need a cryptocurrency […]


VISA and Coinbase Form Partnership to Release Cryptocurrency Card

For a long time, the main barrier to mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies has been the unwillingness of retailers to make the changes necessary to use them. Given the risks that massive fluctuations in these markets present to retail businesses, it’s understandable that they’d be reluctant to accept Bitcoin or other staple coins.A new partnership established […]

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