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Facebook To Unveil New Cryptocurrency; Visa And PayPal Among Partners

Facebook is set Tuesday to unveil a bid to bring cryptocurrency payments into the mainstream, reportedly with the endorsement of governments and financial giants.The world’s biggest social network is expected to outline details of a virtual currency launching next year that it hopes will avoid the rollercoaster volatility of “blockchain” technologies such as bitcoin.Facebook is […]


Facebook’s Cryptocurrency Could Be Good News for Bitcoin — Even if It Fails

Facebook ’s cryptocurrency is the innovation that no one is asking for. But it might just be the jolt that Bitcoin and other digital assets need.From the details that have emerged so far, Facebook’s coin — reportedly called Globalcoin internally — will be used to make payments on Facebook (ticker: FB) and elsewhere on the […]


Facebook Secures Cryptocurrency Partners

Stocks are down at mid-day Friday, with the information technology sector down by more than 1%. Facebook (FB) is making headlines today on news that it has secured commitments from a number of major finance and technology companies to partner on its upcoming cryptocurrency, Libra. These partners will hold payment-verification and governance roles in exchange […]


Dark Horse Cryptocurrency Spikes 60% After Surprise Google Shout-Out

A little-known cryptocurrency spiked more than 60% after Google gave the project a surprise shout-out in an equally-unexpected blog post on how to use Ethereum and Google Cloud to build hybrid blockchain applications.Google Sends Chainlike Cryptocurrency Into the StratosphereThat cryptocurrency, Chainlink (LINK), enjoyed a parabolic swing that launched its price as high as $2.00 on […]


Cryptocurrency Is 10 Years Old, But Has It Really Grown Up?

Bitcoin turned ten on 3rd January 2019. But, a decade after Satoshi Nakamoto mined the ‘genesis block of bitcoin’ and made a momentous step towards bringing cryptocurrency to wider public knowledge, how has it fared?Highs and LowsIn the last decade, bitcoin has endured the substantial highs and lows of any innovation; whether in terms of […]


GM Financial Joins $23 Million Series A Investment In Blockchain Startup Spring Labs

GM Financial, the financial services arm of General Motors that offers auto loan financing and leases to customers, extended its partnership with Spring Labs as part of a $23 million Series A investment in the technology startup announced Wednesday morning.Spring Labs, founded in 2017, is building what it calls the Spring Protocol, a set of […]


What to Expect at G-20: Money Laundering and Crypto Discussion

One of the main themes to be discussed at the G-20 Financial Ministers and Central Governors Meeting this weekend has to do with money laundering and cryptocurrency. What kind of agreement would be a surprise? Even for the purpose of introducing Anti-Money Laundering (AML), should we allow our financial privacy to be compromised? Alexander Zaidelson, […]


Can Facebook Build a Lucrative Cryptocurrency Business?

Facebook is Considering Paying Workers With its CryptocurrencyFacebook’s (FB) long-anticipated cryptocurrency may arrive later this month, according to media reports. Facebook has long been said to be developing a digital currency that people would be able to use to settle payments with merchants or between one another across its family of social apps and other […]


Retail Giant Target Unmasks Its Blockchain Framework Aimed At Supply Chain

While many major US companies have publicized their entry into the blockchain space, Minnesota-based retailer Target has been quietly working on a blockchain-powered solution for supply chain management, dubbed ConsenSource.ConsenSource has been in the pipelines since mid-2018, but now Target is stepping up its involvement in the blockchain space with a pledge to support the […]


Speculations About Facebook’s Cryptocurrency Are Swirling

So far most of the details we have about Facebook’s cryptocurrency are merely rumors, but that isn’t keeping pundits and market watchers from speculating about it.Here’s What We Know About Facebook’s CryptocurrencyThe only bit of firm evidence we have is from the German magazine WirtschaftsWoche, which reports that the white paper on the digital currency […]

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