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Microsoft Files Patent For New Cryptocurrency And Mining System

Microsoft wants to create a new cryptocurrency that’s still mined using PoW–except replacing expensive power-intense mining rigs with basic human energy. If that sounds a little strange, you should take a dive deep into the details of the patent published yesterday filed by Microsoft. It’s called: “Cryptocurrency system using body activity data.”MICROSOFT’S HUMAN-MINED CRYPTOCURRENCY – […]


Miners Are Selling More Bitcoin Than They Are Mining

While bitcoin (BTC) looks set to prolong its recent bullish moves, those responsible for making new bitcoin have increased their selling. The world’s largest cryptocurrency by market value rose from $3,867 to $7,000 in the 13 days to March 25, according to CoinDesk’s Bitcoin Price Index. Yet, throughout the 81 percent recovery rally, miners sold […]


Bitcoin Miners Find Silver Lining After Price Crash

Bitcoin’s price is down over 35% from its peak in February 2020. This decrease has adversely impacted mining profitability, forcing some farms to take their hardware offline. Mining difficulty has since dropped 16%, offering solace to Bitcoin miners. Miners Adjust After Price CrashBitcoin’s mining difficulty has been steadily increasing since 2013. Mining farms have been aggressively […]


Is Staking the Answer to Cryptocurrency’s Mining Problems?

For a tech that was supposed to be democratic and distributed in order to free financial systems from the grip of government-influenced banks and return control of the money supply to the people, cryptocurrencies have turned out to be pretty concentrated. Some 66% of all Bitcoin (BTC) mining now takes place in China, with 54% […]


Thousands of These Computers Were Mining Cryptocurrency. Now They’re Working on Coronavirus Research

CoreWeave, the largest U.S. miner on the Ethereum blockchain, is redirecting the processing power of 6,000 specialized computer chips toward research to find a therapy for the coronavirus.These graphics processing units (GPUs) will be pointed toward Stanford University’s [email protected], a long-standing research effort that unveiled a project on Feb. 27 specifically to boost coronavirus research […]


Which Crypto Is The Most Profitable To Mine In 2020?

Crypto mining is becoming exponentially competitive. It used to be that anyone with a PC could mine at a profit, but now you need expensive equipment to stand any chance. So what’s the most profitable crypto to mine in 2020? BITCOIN IS THE MOST PROFITABLE IF YOU HAVE MILLIONS TO INVESTCrypto mining profitability is highly nuanced, […]


Are Miners Prepared for the Halving of Bitcoin?

Anyone following crypto news has undoubtedly seen numerous articles that forecast Bitcoin’s (BTC) valuation following the upcoming halving slated to take place in May of this year. And although the price of Bitcoin is clearly important to the industry and investors at large, planning for the halving is particularly critical to cryptocurrency miners.Once the halving […]


Which are the Best Crypto Mining Machines in 2020?

Crypto mining is one of the most important aspects of digital asset space. Knowing which crypto mining machines are the stars in 2020 can be useful.The crypto industry is arguably the best invention in recent times. Mining cryptocurrencies, or as it is better known, crypto mining has emerged as a very profitable and efficient way […]


World’s Largest Bitcoin Mine Lures New Clients to Texas Hotspot

SBI Holdings Inc. and Japanese internet-service provider GMO Internet Inc. are about to start extracting Bitcoin at the world’s largest crypto mine, located in the industry’s new hotspot: Rockdale, Texas.The two firms have in principle agreed with Northern Bitcoin AG subsidiary Whinstone Inc. to process cryptocurrency transactions at the German company’s facility within the coming […]


Bitcoin Mining Power Hits Fresh All-Time High

Bitcoin’s hash rate reached record highs this week amid rising prices and anticipation of the miner reward halving later this year.Based on a rolling seven-day average, the hash rate has risen sharply from approximately 93 exahashes per second (EH/s) on Dec. 30 to more than 106 EH/s on Jan. 5. The best day overall was […]

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