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Cheap Power Is Luring Battered Bitcoin Miners to Iran

While some bitcoin miners are estimated to have shut down hundreds of thousands of machines – if not more – others are still out there looking for alternative ways to keep operating.And it’s Iran, with its extremely low-cost electricity (that can go as low as $0.006 per kilowatt-hour) that’s luring overseas miners. But as attractive […]


Asus Partners Quantum Cloud, Helps Gamers Earn Passive Income From Mining Cryptocurrency

Taiwan-based electronics major Asus on Friday said it entered into a partnership with Quantum Cloud, a startup with a software solution that allows gamers to use their idle Asus graphics cards to mine cryptocurrency and receive a digital cash payout through PayPal or WeChat.Quantum Cloud uses some of the user’s graphics processing unit’s (GPU) power […]


Intel Wins Patent for Energy-Efficient Bitcoin Mining

Global tech giant Intel, known for its widely-used computer processors, has won a patent connected to its work in the area of cryptocurrency mining.On Tuesday, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office awarded the company a patent outlining a processor which claims to be able to conduct “energy-efficient high performance bitcoin mining,” specifically naming the SHA-256 […]


Bitcoin Mining Firm Giga Watt Declares Bankruptcy Owing Millions

U.S.-based bitcoin mining firm Giga Watt has declared bankruptcy with millions still owed to creditors.The firm filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy at a court in the Eastern District of Washington on Monday, revealing that it still owes its biggest 20 unsecured creditors nearly $7 million in court documents seen by CoinDesk.Creditors include the utilities provider […]


NVIDIA Corp. Earnings: A Harsh Cryptocurrency Hangover

Graphics processor designer NVIDIA (NASDAQ:NVDA) reported earnings Thursday night, covering the third quarter of fiscal year 2019. The company beat its own earnings guidance despite falling short of management’s revenue projections. Here’s a closer look at NVIDIA’s third-quarter results.NVIDIA’s Third-quarter Results: The Raw NumbersMetricQ3 2019Q3 2018Year-Over-Year ChangeRevenue$3.18 billion$2.64 billion21%Net income$1.12 billion$838 million47%GAAP earnings per share (diluted)$1.97$1.3348%What happened […]


Bitmain By the Numbers: An Inside Look at a Bitcoin Mining Empire

That Bitmain is a behemoth is hardly news.CoinDesk had previously reported that the cryptocurrency mining hardware maker brought in revenues of $2.5 billion in 2017 and $2 billion in Q1 2018, but with the publication on Wednesday of Bitmain’s draft initial public offering (IPO) prospectus – a step towards its much-anticipated listing on the Hong […]


Crypto Mining Giant Bitmain Files for IPO, Opens Up the Company Books

As the company files for an IPO, it gives complete details on its corporate dealings, revenues and profits, as well as its operations across the globe.Beijing-based Bitcoin mining giant Bitmain has finally decided to go public by filing an IPO on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKEX). Bitmain, embroiled in several controversies in the past, […]


Bitmain CEO Announces New 7nm Bitcoin Mining Chip

The bitcoin mining industry is having an exciting couple of days.Just a day after Bitfury revealed a new 14nm mining chip called the Bitfury Clarke, Bitmain has upped the ante with the announcement of a new 7nm application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) processor that it says offers better hashing power and energy efficiency over older models.The […]

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