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Crypto Users Double Amid Market Meltdown, a Sign of Recovery?

This year has undoubtedly been the worse one for cryptocurrencies in terms of prices but it is not all doom and gloom as adoption is growing as actual usage of cryptos is on the up.Double The Users in 2018With a dump of around 87% since January, crypto markets are on the floor showing no signs […]


EU Workers Now Have the Option to Take Their Pay in a Euro Stablecoin

Blockchain Payroll Platform has partnered with tokenization platform STASIS to enable euro-backed crypto paychecks for its European Union (EU) users with the EURS stablecoin. EURS becomes the second stablecoin selected for use on the platform but the first one collateralized in euros. The platform also supports TrustToken’s TrueUSD stablecoin, which is a fiat-collateralized stablecoin […]


Cryptocurrency Bear Market: Four Options – Choose Wisely

This year the cryptocurrency market is seriously affected by the bearish trend. While experts and the crypto community are trying to predict what will happen next, crypto investors should find and apply the strategies most suitable for bear market.In the decade since the introduction of Bitcoin, it has been a rollercoaster of a ride for […]


Fidelity, Bitmain and More Invest $27 Million in Crypto Trading Platform ErisX

Crypto trading platform ErisX has closed a Series B funding round that raised $27.5 million, the company said Tuesday.Bitmain, ConsenSys, Fidelity Investments, Nasdaq Ventures and Monex Group participated in the funding round, investing in the new derivatives and digital asset trading platform for the first time. ErisX, which is being built by derivatives market provider […]


The 7 Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Despite a wildly volatile exchange rate (which saw bitcoin plummet below $5,000), cryptocurrencies like bitcoin seem like they’ll be around for a bit longer to say the least. In fact, the cryptocurrency “industry” has a market cap of over $122 billion, according to CoinMarketCap. And while bitcoin had a disappointing drop right before Thanksgiving, tumbling 12% […]


Beyond Price: Why We Need a Better Way to Value Crypto Assets

The most commonly cited number for comparing the worth of different crypto projects is market capitalization. It is an extremely flawed metric.Critics note, for example, that poor liquidity, combined with lax rules at many exchanges, let founders and large holders easily manipulate market cap quotes at sites such as CoinMarketCap. This made for all sorts […]


Switzerland Sets Precedent With World’s First Cryptocurrency ETP

We told you cryptocurrency-based exchange traded funds (ETFs) were coming.Switzerland’s leading stock exchange has given the go-ahead for the world’s first cryptocurrency ETP, the Financial Times reports.The ETP is called the “Amun Crypto exchange traded product (ETP)” and will be trading from next week on the “Six” exchange in Zurich.The Amun Crypto ETP will track […]


What is Robinhood After, Afterall?

Robinhood is no doubt quite a revolutionary start-up. They have managed to completely rewrite the rulebook when it comes to retail brokerage and trading.Using a no fees model, they are giving users the opportunity to purchase assets such as equities, Indices and cryptocurrency at the same rate as the institutional markets. Many view them as […]


Rags To Riches To Rags

FROM BIG PROFITS TO A TAX NIGHTMAREAn anonymous college student recently posted on Reddit to solicit advice about what to do while they face a massive tax bill in the wake of cryptocurrency trading.According to the post, the student, who lives in California, put $5,000 into Coinbase last year after a friend said they were […]


Blockchain Connects $9 Trillion Market

A new blockchain trade finance platform developed by a dozen banks, among them HSBC, BNP Paribas, and Standard Chartered, launched this week in Hong Kong, Reuters reported Oct. 31.The platform, dubbed eTrade Connect, aims to improve efficiency in the financing of international trade by reducing the time needed to approve trade loan applications from thirty-six […]

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