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Will Blockchain Make Poverty Obsolete? What Is The Root Of All Evil?

Why is it that capitalism seems to work so well in Western countries and fails the majority of the world that is living in poverty? According to the economist Hernando de Soto, the answer lies in something that he calls “dead capital” – assets without proof and liquidity.Developing countries struggle to establish efficient property ownership […]


Microsoft Launches Fully Managed Azure Blockchain Service

Microsoft continues to evolve its blockchain services with the launch of Azure Blockchain Service, a fully managed service that’s designed to remove the complexity and pain points of creating and maintaining blockchain networks. In a blog post, Microsoft said, “With a few simple clicks, users can create and deploy a permissioned blockchain network and manage […]


Is Ethereum Becoming The New Open-Blockchain Standard As Amazon Gets Into Blockchain?

Amazon is making its entry into the blockchain space, via a new tool available through its AWS (Amazon Web Service) to “create and manage scalable blockchain networks” via open-blockchain networks like Ethereum.You can now create & manage scalable blockchain networks with generally available Amazon Managed Blockchain.— Amazon Web Services (@awscloud) April 30, 2019 […]


Jaguar Land Rover Wants You To Earn Cryptocurrency As You Drive

Millions of car owners are already giving their logistics data away for free, which helps companies such as Inrix and IBM make money off the miles they drive. But Jaguar Land Rover has developed a “smart wallet” that enables them to earn cyrptocurrency each time the vehicle automatically reports road condition data such as traffic […]


AWS Announces General Availability of Amazon Managed Blockchain

Today, Amazon Web Services Inc., an company (AMZN), announced the general availability of Amazon Managed Blockchain, a fully managed service that makes it easy to create and manage scalable blockchain networks. Customers who want to allow multiple parties to execute transactions and maintain a cryptographically verifiable record of them without the need for a […]


JPMorgan Blockchain Spin-Off Analyzed By High Frequency Trading Specialists

Kadena, a blockchain technology company that spun out of the JPMorgan group: “Blockchain Center of Excellence” as it was founded by former JPMorgan and SEC technologists, has undergone a rigorous pro-level Wall Street quant economic analysis to prove its scalability and security.Kadena differs from most other enterprise blockchain products and solutions as it offers the […]


Nike, Telegram, Facebook, and Everyone Else Suddenly Love Blockchain

Nike is launching a blockchain product. Telegram is launching a blockchain. Samsung is reportedly planning to launch its own token platform; building with Ethereum for the S10 wasn’t enough. Facebook is getting into blockchain. Google still hasn’t done much with it, but JP Morgan now uses it. The list of major corporate names edging in […]


Loyalty Rewards On The Blockchain

The DigitalBits blockchain launched its MainNet in March of 2018. Digitalbits makes possible the transfer and trading of points, also known as loyalty and rewards.The mission is to accelerate the adoption of blockchain technology. Our native decentralized marketplace features multi-hop technology that brings transferability, portability and seamless transfer of value to digital assets.Comments from DigitalBits […]


Samsung Developing Ethereum-Based Blockchain, May Issue Own Token

South Korean electronics giant Samsung is developing its own blockchain network and eyeing the issuance of its own token further down the road.An exclusive CoinDesk Korea report on Tuesday, citing a person “familiar with Samsung’s internal situation,” said that the company’s blockchain task force – part of its wireless division – is building a blockchain […]


JPMorgan Expanding Blockchain Project With 220 Banks to Include Payments

Investment banking giant JPMorgan Chase is planning to expand an existing blockchain project to include settlement features as it seeks to fend off competition from payments upstarts such as TransferWise and Ripple.The blockchain-based Interbank Information Network (IIN), set up in partnership with Australia’s ANZ bank and the Royal Bank of Canada back in 2017, currently […]

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