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Salesforce’s First Blockchain Plunge Will Involve Development Tools

Last year, Salesforce chairman Marc Benioff mentioned, perhaps for the first time, his interest in the blockchain. It was not known at the time if he was seriously interested, or if Salesforce would indeed offer a way to use the blockchain on the Salesforce platform. Today, a little more than a year later, the company […]


Tezos Is About to Enact Its First-Ever On-Chain Blockchain Update

After nearly three months of voting by token holders, the Tezos blockchain will undertake a series of backwards-incompatible changes to the network on Wednesday.Called Athens A, the upgrade proposal was the first to undergo the network’s “self-amendment” process in which bakers on Tezos – equivalent to miners on bitcoin or ethereum – stake tokens bundled […]


Here’s What A Blockchain Investor Thinks About Blockchain

With the news on May 24, 2019, of the planned launch of Facebook’s ‘GlobalCoin’ by 2020, cryptocurrency is poised to move from avant-guarde crypto traders and bitcoin miners to broader adoption by both investors, the enterprise and consumers.In a blockchain report from Cisco in March 2019, the company reported that 10% of the world’s gross […]


How Blockchain Strengthened Indonesian Democracy (And Could Do The Same Elsewhere)

This week, official results of the largest ever elections undergoing an independent blockchain verification were announced in Indonesia. “Democracy Anchored”, a local civil society initiative, was able to report on 25 million of the 193 million votes cast in the Indonesian elections within hours after the polling stations closed on April 17, 2019. The country-wide […]


Blockchain Is Gaining Trust In The Enterprise

These and many other insights are from Deloitte’s 2019 Global Blockchain Survey: Blockchain gets down to business. Based on interviews with 1,386 senior executives in twelve nations (Brazil, Canada, China, Germany, Hong Kong, Israel, Luxembourg, Singapore, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, and the United States), 53% of whom say blockchain technology has become a […]


Louis Vuitton and Christian Dior Owner Unveils Blockchain Platform to Verify Luxury Goods

ConsenSys has teamed up with LVMH and Microsoft to build a blockchain-powered platform that allows consumers to verify the authenticity of luxury goods, according to a news release on May 16.The consortium says the system, known as Aura, is designed to “serve the entire luxury industry with powerful product tracking and tracing services.”LVMH brands including […]


The Blockchain Paradox

From ethereum’s conflicted handling of The DAO attack to bitcoin’s block size “civil war,” to the new staking, baking and voting models for upgrading protocols and electing delegates in more recent blockchain projects, “governance” has long been a heated topic in blockchain communitiesAs pressure for capacity upgrades has grown along with blockchain adoption, communities have […]


Microsoft: Forget Google, Facebook – Log In With Our New Blockchain ID

Microsoft has announced a new, early preview of a distributed identity system running on top of the bitcoin blockchain that it envisages can offer a workable alternative to systems like Facebook Login, the social network’s authentication service for users logging into different apps across iOS, Android, the web, Windows 10, and other devices.The latest component […]


Beyond Bitcoin: Making Money On Blockchain

If you missed the Bitcoin train, not to worry – blockchain technology is exploding and there’s still time to invest on the ground floor in a number of different ways. Whether you want to invest in another type of cryptocurrency or you want to eschew cryptocurrency altogether and invest in the technology that builds it, […]


JPMorgan Quietly Reboots the Blockchain Behind Its JPM Coin Cryptocurrency

JPMorgan Chase has quietly replaced the guts of its blockchain.Over the last six months, technologists spread across London, Singapore and the U.S. have “rebooted” Quorum, the megabank’s private version of the ethereum blockchain, said Oli Harris, JPM’s head of Quorum and crypto-assets strategy.Specifically, the team replaced Constellation, Quorum’s privacy layer written in the Haskell computer […]

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