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BoA Patents Own Crypto

A patent awarded to the Bank of America outlines how enterprise-level institutions may be able to store cryptocurrencies owned by their customers.The filing, awarded by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office Tuesday, contends that large companies – specifically enterprise-level institutions – may want to store cryptocurrencies for customers should they see wider adoption.There is an […]


Blockchain Conglomerate

ConsenSys’ blockchain startup Kaleido and Amazon Web Services (AWS) have launched a full-stack platform that helps enterprises implement blockchain solutions, according to a press release published Nov. 8.The platform, dubbed Kaleido Marketplace, reportedly “eliminates 80 percent of the custom code” needed to build a given blockchain project by providing an array of full-stack tools and […]


IBM Goes To Sea

Seagate Technology and IBM have teamed up to use blockchain technology to reduce the counterfeiting of hard disk drives.Blockchain is the transparent and secure decentralized ledger behind Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, but its usefulness extends to a lot of other areas of tech. Now the two companies will use it to uniquely identify hard drives […]


Deloitte R&D Blockchain “Holy Grail”

Cab Morris and Jennifer O’Rourke have been working for two years to give their fellow United States citizens—and Facebook users—more control over their personal information. During their previous day jobs with the Illinois state government, the duo began to explore how decentralized technology like that which powers bitcoin could help make that possible.Morris, Illinois’ former […]


IBM Blockchain Adds A Link

Major global tech giant IBM has applied for another blockchain patent, this time aiming to deter augmented reality (AR) game players from intruding on undesirable locations. The tech firm’s latest patent document was released by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) on Thursday, Nov. 1.In the patent, IBM, also known as Big Blue, describes […]


USA’s Blockchain Mecca

An enormous plot of land in the Nevada desert — bigger than nearby Reno — has been the subject of local intrigue since a company with no history, Blockchains L.L.C., bought it for $170 million in cash this year.The man who owns the company, a lawyer and cryptocurrency millionaire named Jeffrey Berns, put on a […]


Protecting Creatives In The 21st Century

Littlstar Media said it has launched Ara, a new blockchain-based platform designed to give creators and artists more control over their content.The company, which counts Sony and Disney among its investors, says it wants to use the distributed technology to support new business models for the creative community so they are less dependent on other […]


5 Innovative Uses of Blockchain Technology

Blockchain tech was built for Bitcoin, but its future is much broader and more interesting than that origin might suggest. It’s already being used in some very creative ways, and as the years go by, it’s sure to find numerous more innovative uses.As far as public awareness goes, blockchain has yet to escape the shadow […]


The Advantages of Blockchain Beyond Speculation

The advantages of blockchain often become a secondary topic each time prices cycle through a new bubble. Public eyes shift away from the advantages of blockchain and towards the advantages of speculation. The good news is that a burst bubble in the market often shifts the attention back to the more interesting topics.Bubbles or not, […]


Over 75 New Banks: JPMorgan Expands Blockchain Payments Trial

A major blockchain payments trial launched by JPMorgan, Australia’s ANZ and the Royal Bank of Canada has just gained over 75 new banks as participants.As reported by CoinDesk, the three banks set up the project in October 2017, aiming to slash both the time and costs required for interbank payments using traditional methods.Called the the […]

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