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Three Reasons Why Enterprise Blockchain Is Failing

After working with enterprise blockchain technology for over three years, I am becoming a little frustrated with its rate of growth. While there is evidence of growth, there is still too much holding this technology back.Current ResearchIn its March report, IDC shared some positive findings for enterprise blockchain adoption, stating that in many cases, the […]


How Blockchain Takes Us Back To Medieval Times

The marketing spiel about ​distributed ledger technology (DLT) often promises to liberate financial institutions from the costly burden of having to pledge billions of dollars in margin to clearing houses on the basis that trades complete instantaneously, meaning counterparty risks are eliminated.But this, according to a new report by Greenwich Associates’ Ken Monahan, is a wrong-headed […]


Another Big Question in Blockchain Market: Safety. It seems solved!

Since the last couple of years, we have seen tons of solutions in the blockchain market. Many of them have been trying to solve the 2 issues; safety and block sizes. The one, which is safety, seems to be solved by the team of professionals from ILCoin.Developed by ILCoin Dev. Team, this is an advanced cryptocurrency […]


GM Financial Joins $23 Million Series A Investment In Blockchain Startup Spring Labs

GM Financial, the financial services arm of General Motors that offers auto loan financing and leases to customers, extended its partnership with Spring Labs as part of a $23 million Series A investment in the technology startup announced Wednesday morning.Spring Labs, founded in 2017, is building what it calls the Spring Protocol, a set of […]


Retail Giant Target Unmasks Its Blockchain Framework Aimed At Supply Chain

While many major US companies have publicized their entry into the blockchain space, Minnesota-based retailer Target has been quietly working on a blockchain-powered solution for supply chain management, dubbed ConsenSource.ConsenSource has been in the pipelines since mid-2018, but now Target is stepping up its involvement in the blockchain space with a pledge to support the […]


Kodak Launches a Blockchain-Enabled Document Management System

Kodak’s pivot to blockchain is coming into focus. The legacy camera brand announced a new blockchain-based document management system, at a two-day conference in Rochester, New York. Unlike previous Kodak-blockchain announcements, Kodak Document Management Platform is not under license to a third-party and is an actual Kodak product.The platform, launched under the name Kodak Services for […]


Walmart Extends Its Blockchain Reach, Joins Pharmaceutical-Tracking Consortium

Retail giant Walmart, already renowned in the blockchain space for its work in the IBM Food Trust, is continuing to expand in the industry by joining a new consortium. Walmart has joined MediLedger, a consortium building a blockchain solution for tracking the provenance of pharmaceuticals.Walmart confirmed their participation in the consortium, which represents a deepening […]


State Farm and USAA Test Blockchain Platform for Insurance Claims Process

United States insurance giant State Farm and military-affiliated bank United Services Automobile Association (USAA) are testing a blockchain-based subrogation solution with real claims data. State Farm announced the development in an official press release on May 30.The two insurance titans are using blockchain technology to automate and streamline the subrogation process in insurance claims.The platform […]


Bitcoin Developers Propose Stronger, Faster Blockchain Network Via ‘Erlay’

Bitcoin core dev Gregory Maxwell left Blockstream last January to focus on “deep protocol work,” and now he and a few other developers have surfaced with something called “Erlay.SO THAT’S WHAT GREG MAXWELL HAS BEEN UP TOErlay was announced over the last 24 hours in a post to the Bitcoin Core development mailing list by […]

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