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JPMorgan Expanding Blockchain Project With 220 Banks to Include Payments

Investment banking giant JPMorgan Chase is planning to expand an existing blockchain project to include settlement features as it seeks to fend off competition from payments upstarts such as TransferWise and Ripple.The blockchain-based Interbank Information Network (IIN), set up in partnership with Australia’s ANZ bank and the Royal Bank of Canada back in 2017, currently […]


Volkswagen to Track Minerals Supply Chains Using IBM Blockchain

Volkswagen Group has announced it will use blockchain tech to track its mineral supply chains.The German automaker said Thursday that, in order to “responsibly source” minerals such as cobalt (used in lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles), it has joined an open industry collaboration, which also includes Ford as a member.Currently, miners and consumer brands rely […]


Binance Births its Own Decentralized Blockchain to Challenge Ethereum

Binance, the world’s largest crypto exchange with over 10 million users, has launched its own blockchain – the Binance Chain mainnet today, a highly anticipated blockchain protocol aimed to support decentralized exchanges (DEX). Binance will also open a decentralized exchange next weekToday marks the birth of a new genesis block.Who’s ready?— Binance (@binance) April […]


Forbes Releases List of Billion Dollar Companies Using Blockchain

Financial news outlet Forbes has released a list of “Blockchain’s Billion Dollar Babies,” or companies implementing blockchain technology that have minimum revenues or valuations of $1 billion, on April 16.The list includes companies in the cryptocurrency and blockchain development spaces, in addition to traditional financial firms like banks and clearing houses, food companies, supply chain […]


Has Anyone Actually Seen A Blockchain?

A healthy degree of skepticism and cynicism have served me well in my career. And I’ll be the first to admit I do not fully understand all the finer points of some new technologies. Who am I to question the viability of new and disruptive technologies? I mean, I owned a Commodore 64 computer back […]


IMF and World Bank Launch Educational Blockchain Token

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank have launched a crypto token called “Learning Coin” to better understand how blockchain technology works.The two institutions said that the coin would have no monetary value and would not be made openly available, the Financial Times reported Saturday. To support the token, the IMF and the […]


What Are The Most Promising Uses For Blockchain We Haven’t Seen Yet?

The most obvious and ready use cases involve payments and stores of value. Close to payments are use cases like securities settlement, trade finance, lending, and so on. These use cases typically involve a payment plus something else that perhaps can also benefit from blockchain and that become more feasible as payments get better. This […]


Top YouTuber PewDiePie Joins Blockchain Live Streaming Platform

PewDiePie, the world’s most popular YouTuber by subscriber numbers, has joined blockchain-based live streaming platform DLive.The 29-year-old Swedish content creator, real name Felix Kjellberg, has signed an “exclusive” live streaming deal with the platform, DLive announced Tuesday. His YouTube channel has 93.7 million subscribers at press time, with his most recent video racking up 4 […]


More Than Half of All Companies Will Use Blockchain Tech in 3 Years, Says Oracle VP

The blockchain has become something of a buzzword over the past year or so, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a viable solution for many businesses. In fact, one expert believes the made-famous-by-Bitcoin technology will be used by upwards of 60 percent of companies. This projection comes from Oracle’s group vice president of blockchain product development, […]

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