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Nori Is Pitching Carbon Trading … On The Blockchain!

Cryptocurrency meets carbon trading. That’s the pitch from Nori, a new Seattle-based startup, that just raised $4 million in funding from cryptocurrency-focused investors including Placeholder, North Island Ventures, Tenacious Ventures, and a big, privately held agriculture multinational that the company declined to disclose. Founded by Paul Gambill, a former Deloitte Technology employee who left the firm in […]


Bitcoin Blockchain Grows To 300 Gigabytes In Size

The size of the full Bitcoin blockchain exceeded 300 gigabytes of data on September 19, according to This is the size of the full Bitcoin transaction history for the past 10 years. It’s also the amount of information full mining nodes need to download and keep on their hard drives after synchronizing with Bitcoin’s network.While […]


Blockchain Bites: The SEC’s Chilling Effect on Crypto Development

A slew of regulatory happenings are in the works. First, the Bahamian central bank plans to issue the first CBDC this October while the Indian legislative body is considering a ban on crypto trading.  Further, the latest SEC injunction into an allegedly unregistered token sale could set a grave precedent, argues Commissioner Hester “Crypto Mom” Peirce.Top […]


Nearly 30,000 Blockchain Votes Were Recorded In Russian Elections — The Most Ever

Close to 30,000 votes were recorded on the blockchain during the Russian parliamentary elections in what appears to have been the biggest case of blockchain-based voting yet. The blockchain component of the online voting platform was built by Waves Enterprise. The voting concluded early yesterday, and according to the chief product officer of Waves Enterprise, […]


US Legislators Approve Bills For Study Of Blockchain In Commerce

The Committee on Energy and Commerce has just approved two pieces of legislation to spur more in-depth analysis of blockchain technology in government, clearing the way for their vote in the House of Representatives. In an online debate moderated by Chamber of Digital Commerce founder Perianne Boring on Sept. 9, Democratic Representative of Florida’s 9th District Darren […]


How To Analyze Crypto Tokens Properly Before Investing

If you ask people what they know about cryptocurrency, chances are you’ll hear the words Bitcoin (BTC) or blockchain — or even both. However, what many individuals aren’t aware of is that over 5,000 cryptocurrencies exist in the market today. This huge number makes things a little confusing for investors. With so many options to choose […]


Blockchain Players Beat Gold and Bitcoin in the Pandemic

Gold and its digital counterpart, Bitcoin, have had a pretty good run among investors seeking a haven or those willing to take a punt on cryptocurrency. But they’ve been pipped in the past year by another investment thesis that’s perhaps a little more tangible, highlighting the old adage that it’s smartest to be selling shovels in […]


4 Blockchain Stocks to Own for the Next 5 Years

When it comes to the blockchain, most investors assume the technology is tied to cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and shift their attention to something more traditional. However, some of the world’s top companies are investing in blockchain. Even if you own Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, you owe it to yourself to consider the merits of companies […]


Binance Launches New “Smart” Blockchain to Run Alongside Existing Binance Chain Network to Meet Increased Demand from DeFi Apps

Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, has launched a “Smart Chain.” As explained by Binance, the new chain will run parallel or alongside its other blockchain network, Binance Chain. Binance Chain will be used to issue smart contracts and manage the staking mechanism for BNB tokens (the exchange’s utility token that’s one of the largest crypto-assets […]


Digital Cold War? United States And China Vie For Blockchain Supremacy

Two nations, two visions of the financial future: “The tech cold war is here — and the US isn’t winning,” wrote Ripple co-founder Chris Larsen in an opinion piece for The Hill recently. According to him, China has “a once-in-a-century opportunity to wrest away American stewardship of the global financial system, including its ultimate goal […]

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