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Chinese Steelmaker Settles $16 Million Iron Ore Deal on Blockchain

In its first-ever, the Chinese steelmaker Nanjing Iron and Steel Company said it has completed an iron ore trade on the blockchain. The steel company obtained a $16.87 million shipment of steelmaking ingredients from the joint venture between the multinational mining group Rio Tinto and Hancock Prospecting Pty. Ltd. The shipment included 170,000 tonnes of Australian […]


Blockchain-Enabled ‘Neon District’ RPG Will Launch on Matic Network

The much-delayed blockchain role-playing game Neon District will be launching on Ethereum layer-two scaling solution Matic, according to a recent announcement.  Neon District developer, Blockade Games will also move several of its community games onto the network.Could we finally be entering the Neon District?Neon District has been coming “soon” since October 2019, when its imminent launch […]


Chinese Supply Chain Innovator to Develop Blockchain System for SMEs

Binance’s new blockchain research institute in China has forged a strategic partnership with a state-level supply chain innovator to jointly develop digital infrastructure for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in the country.   Announced today, July 3, the institute’s new partner is Zhongshang Beidon; a state-level enterprise for supply chain innovation that ultimately falls under the oversight […]


Is The Future Of Insurance In Blockchain?

A study conducted last year by PwC concluded that most insurance companies would integrate Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT) in some capacity by 2021. As of 2019, 81% of major insurance companies answered that they were actively looking into the technology. A fact that may sound surprising considering how conservative this sector of the economy tends […]


Has Blockchain Hit The Wall?

It was 4 o’clock in the morning and I had just spent another sleepless hour with a vital business challenge going round and round in my head. I had looked at the issue from multiple angles, considered best- and worst-case outcomes and worked through numerous solutions. A distraction was urgently needed. What else had been […]


IBM Spawns Blockchain for Norwegian Salmon Fisheries

The Norwegian Seafood Association has teamed up with IBM and Atea, a technology firm focused on the internet of things (IoT), to create a blockchain-based track-and-trace system. The project aims to prove the provenance of sustainably farmed salmon in Norway. Following a successful pilot, five high-quality fish farming operations are now ready to start running a […]


Atari CEO Touts Future Of Blockchain In Gaming

Whether you’ve spent your quarantine mastering online poker or you’re on the 500th hour of Animal Crossing, you and gamers across the spectrum now rely on in-game currency to wager bets or make virtual purchases. Yet, from security threats posed by hackers to lacking custodial services, there are numerous risks involved when it comes to online […]


World Economic Forum Suggests Fighting Corruption With Blockchain Tech

Worldwide, governments devote an estimated $9.5 trillion each year to public procurement — an average of approximately 15% of national gross domestic product. This money goes to public goods and services such as the construction of roads and the delivery of healthcare services, but it also tends to line the pockets of corrupt government officials, […]


New York Times Trials Blockchain System to Combat Misleading Pictures

The New York Times publication has revealed the successful completion of a trial for a new blockchain-based system to detect misinformation. According to a June 12 blog post, the publisher built a prototype to provide reliable metadata on various pictures found online. Often, pictures taken in a different location at a different time will be used […]

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