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Amazon Web Services Introduces Ethereum And Hyperledger Blockchain Templates

In an attempt to make it easier for their Amazon Web Services (AWS) clients to create blockchain-based solutions, the company introduced ‘AWS Blockchain Templates’. They will enable users to create and to launch their own blockchain networks.Launching a new inroad into the world of blockchain technology, AWS introduced the ‘instant’ blockchain templates. They allow users […]


Profitable Bitcoin Mining? Big Miners are Squeezing Out Dorm Room Rigs

Profits elude fledgling bitcoin miners, while institutional bitcoin miners continue to rake it in.Mega bitcoin miners like Bitmain and Bitfury are threatening to squeeze the smaller players out of the picture, according to a Bloomberg report. As a result, expect to see some consolidation in the bitcoin mining space and a possible paradigm shift where […]


EncryptoTel: Perhaps the Most Undervalued ICO Startup

Application of blockchain technology has gone far beyond the financial industry. Today, many companies in a wide variety of industries are testing the potential of this innovation to streamline complex processes and transactions, making them faster, cheaper and more transparent. The telecommunications industry is no exception and industry players are now considering how blockchain can […]


Dividend Tokens, Explained

What types of tokens are out there?There are many, let’s see.Due to the cryptocurrency boom, the terms “token”, “coin”, “initial coin offering” (ICO) and many others have become an integral part of the vocabulary of every trader and investor. Their use, however, is often shrouded in uncertainty and confusion.Here are the differences between the main […]


Samsung Electronics Turns to Blockchain to Track its Global Supply Chains

Electronics manufacturing giant Samsung is considering a blockchain platform to manage and keep track of shipments of its vast global supply chain network.In a significant endorsement of blockchain technology, Samsung Electronics – the world’s biggest chipmaker and smartphones manufacturer – is considering a broad implementation of a blockchain ledger platform to track its global shipments.Speaking […]


Mastercard Is Hiring More Blockchain Developers

Payment giant Mastercard announced Thursday that it was hiring 175 new technology developers, including blockchain specialists.The developers will work out of Mastercard’s office in Leopardstown, Ireland, where the firm’s research and development arm, Mastercard Labs, is headquartered. The new hires will work on creating more efficient payment systems, according to a press release.Sonya Geelon, Mastercard […]


SEC Getting Ready for a Massive Crypto Fraud Battle

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has come out guns blazing in the fight to combat ICO fraud and protect sma​​​​ll investors.As we know, cryptocurrencies stole the headlines in 2017, with Bitcoin’s biggest milestones, such as reaching an all-time high value of $20k, a definite topic of conversation around the investor dinner table.Potential investors could […]


Bank of America Envisions Blockchain As Internal Ledger

Bank of America may be looking into replacingsome of its existing data sharing systems with a blockchain, according to a patent application released Thursday.The filing, published by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), outlines a permissioned blockchain which, if implemented, would securely record and authenticate personal and business data, ensuring only authorized parties can […]


Skycoin Aims To Fix Fatal Flaws Of Bitcoin and Ethereum

Skycoin, a blockchain created by original developers of Bitcoin and Ethereum, is looking to address the faults found in previous blockchains.Bitcoin looked great on the surface, with very noble ideals of bringing financial freedom to those who would not deal with traditional finance any longer or could not access the financial system.As the idea of […]


Blockchain Is ‘Going Mainstream’ Says European Commission Official

An executive from the institution tasked with overseeing European regulation is offering new praise for blockchain technology.In a speech Tuesday, European Commission (EC) vice president Andrus Ansip went so far as to highlight distributed ledger tech, calling it one of “the areas where Europe is best positioned to play a leading role,” with the caveat […]

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