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What Attracts Investors to Blockchain Gaming

Blockchain is transforming the financial industry right before our eyes, with many market onlookers anticipating a complete replacement of existing payment, trading and banking infrastructures. Blockchain and finance seem like the perfect match, but there are other sectors, for which the technology may play a game-changing role. For one particular industry, the latter adjective isn’t […]


How Walmart And Others Are Riding A Blockchain Wave To Supply Chain Paradise

Blockchain technology as a potential solution has been applied to all of the large ecosystems that have issues with real-time data access, partners privacy, traceability and auditability. The supply chain ecosystem is no exception to that, as typical product recalls cost $8 million per year and this number can be reduced with the improved track-and-trace […]


Blockchain Could Revolutionize Logistics, But Is The Industry Prepared To Let It?

In a world of increasingly complex supply chains, paperwork piles up. Just one shipment may generate a stack of about 200 communications documents, and the cost of processing and administering this documentation is estimated to make up one-fifth of the cost of transporting goods. Blockchain could be a game-changer, ripping up this paper process and […]


Why Blockchain Is The Future of Commodity Pricing

Commodity pricing hasn’t changed in three decades. Even for the most liquid, high-value and intensively traded commodities – oil, natural gas and gold – price setting is opaque.Changes have been made to methodologies and regulation in commodity pricing, but selective reporting and fewer participants submitting trades have lowered confidence in the published prices. The current […]


Richard Heart Launches Hex Crypto – First Blockchain CD

​Hex, a new project that will be launching on December 3rd, 2019, is the first high interest savings account launched on the Blockchain. Hex was created out of a need for a platform with trustless interest, and the main goal of the new project is to change the way its users think about investing, saving, […]


IBM Patents Blockchain to Stop Drones From Stealing Packages

Amazon, DHL and FedEx are building drones that deliver packages to your door. IBM, however, envisions a future where drones steal them instead. The computing giant won a patent on Nov. 12 for “Preventing anonymous theft by drones” with an Internet of Things (IoT) altimeter that triggers upon liftoff, tracking the package’s altitude and uploading the […]


Swiss Executive Branch Calls for Improved Regulations for Blockchain

The Federal Council of Switzerland — the country’s executive governing body — has called for a better regulatory framework for blockchain and distributed ledger technology (DLT) in the country.According to an official announcement released on Nov. 27, the Federal Council adopted a dispatch explaining its priorities for improving blockchain and DLT legislation. The proposal targets […]


Afghan Government to Apply Blockchain in Country’s Healthcare Sector

The Afghan Ministry of Public Health has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with blockchain firm FantomOperations to integrate blockchain technology into the country’s healthcare sector.As Afghan Voice Agency reported on Nov. 27, the terms of the MoU would apply blockchain to identify counterfeit medicines, create medical registries in hospitals and digitize patients’ files. Commenting […]


Tokenization: Use Cases Of Blockchain In Finance

In 2017-2018, many projects began raising money to create platforms for the trading of tokenized real estate, precious metals and works of art. Most of them crashed. But this has not put an end to the actual idea.The transfer of “real world” assets to blockchain (tokenization) is one of the current trends in the use […]

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