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10 Cryptopreneurs Influencing Blockchain’s Mainstream Adoption

Given that blockchain is a revolutionary technology, its mainstream penetration is inevitable. In 2015, a key study showed that no fewer than five million blockchain wallets existed, but in 2019, that user count has reached over 42 million. A typical yardstick to measure the success of any technology is its relevance and acceptability to users, […]


Stephen Curry’s Fund Not Ready to Invest in Blockchain

Although Bitcoin has so far not yet been widely adopted, its underlying technology, blockchain, has gained massive attention. Walmart, JP Morgan, and IBM are some of the notable corporate giants that have started integrating the technology in their operations. All these institutional investors cite blockchain’s potential to increase transaction/information processing speeds, reduce costs, amongst many […]


CoinShares, Blockchain Launch Gold Token Network on a Bitcoin Sidechain

Digital asset manager CoinShares is putting gold on the bitcoin blockchain.Working with wallet provider Blockchain and precious medal trader MKS (Switzerland) SA, the U.K.-based firm announced Tuesday a gold-backed network for trading tokens representing digitized physical gold, a project two years in the making.According to CoinShares, the network launches today with more than $20 million […]


5 Top Car Makers Enter Field Trials for Automatic Blockchain Payments

A group of major automakers are about to hit the road with the first field testing of a blockchain-based vehicle identification network next month in the U.S.As reported by Nikkei Asian Review, BMW, General Motors, Honda, Ford and Renault are working with the Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative (MOBI) on integrating the system to automatically make […]


Bank of America Is Now Hiring in Blockchain, Not Just Filing Patents

The second-largest U.S. bank has begun hiring for blockchain positions.The job openings, which appeared in recent months, are the first indicator that Bank of America plans to do much else with the technology apart from 78 blockchain-related patents the bank has filed or won to date. The Charlotte, N.C.-based bank has six positions open that mention […]


Why It’s Time To Start Talking About Blockchain Ethics

At first glance, the word “ethics” may seem out of place next to “blockchain.” After all, the world of cryptocurrency may be most famous for its many frauds and scams.But according to a small contingent of academics, not only does it makes sense to discuss “blockchain ethics”—it is necessary.If blockchain technology can be reasonably expected […]


New Blockchain-Based Music Streaming Service Audius Is a Copyright Nightmare

New startup Audius says its blockchain-based music streaming service is the solution that finally pays attention to indie artists’ needs. It’s also full of pirated material.Audius’ website says “music platforms were at their best when they listened to what artists and fans wanted – not corporations or major labels” and that uploaded tracks can “never […]


Experts Weigh In On The Future of Bitcoin and Blockchain

Bitcoin is a revolutionary new technology that has taken the world by storm, and could not only disrupt modern financial systems, but it could also go on to replace all fiat currencies and become the sole digital currency used across the globe.With so much potential, even experts have joined in on speculating over the king […]


Tiny $217 Options Trade on Bitcoin Blockchain Could Be Wall Street’s Death Knell

The cryptocurrency industry isn’t replacing Wall Street just yet. But inventors and entrepreneurs are working on it, with some initial success, albeit modest.In this case, an option premium of 0.0202 bitcoin ($217 at the time) paid via a smart contract may have just become the proof of concept.The latest target for blockchain disruption is options […]


Stephen Curry Won’t Invest In CBD, Blockchain, Or Gambling

Pro athletes have become powerful spokespeople for cannabidiol, or CBD, which comes directly from the hemp plant and does not cause a high.Golfer Bubba Watson signed an endorsement deal with cbdMD (YCBD). Boxing champion Mike Tyson launched his own cannabis line. Former NBA player Lamar Odom claims CBD is a “miracle drug.”But Stephen Curry, who […]

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