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Is Nvidia the Best Blockchain Stock?

Blockchain has emerged as one of the most disruptive forces in the technology sector. However, while several people still prefer to invest via the cryptocurrency market, there are better options for those inclined to stocks. Graphics processing unit manufacturer Nvidia Corp. (NASDAQ:NVDA) has been the preference for those looking to invest in the massive adoption […]


Election Dilemma: Putting Data On Blockchain Doesn’t Mean It’s Correct

Until recently, the use of blockchain in elections was perceived as nothing more than an experiment. However, during the recent United States presidential election, some tried to turn the public’s perception of the possibilities of blockchain technology. For example, the Associated Press, one of the largest U.S. media outlets, published the election results on the Ethereum and […]


Encryption Innovations Set to Drive Cryptocurrency’s Next Big Investment Wave

As Bitcoin approaches all-time highs and regulators warm to embracing digital assets, advances in encryption and security of a blockchain-built infrastructure are emerging as cryptocurrency’s next innovation opportunity, according to Sarson Funds, a cryptocurrency education firm and investment platform. Key Takeaways: Sarson Funds believes now is the time to start looking at how the market […]


ZK International: A Blockchain Play For IoT And Supply Chain Management

Our thesis is clear – we think this company is undervalued and a buy and hold. It is unfairly undercovered and overlooked due to its location in China. COVID was a seemingly devastating event for China based companies, but many turned it into a positive. ZK International (ZKIN) has since launched an interesting blockchain project […]


5 Ways to Play the Blockchain Boom

The winds of change have grown to gale force. Bitcoin mania set in towards the end of 2017, culminating with the trading of bitcoin futures contracts. Prices for bitcoin came close to $20,000. The hysteria settled down a bit and the buzzwords of blockchain, cryptocurrency and bitcoin slowly eased out of the headlines as bitcoin […]


AP News Publishes US Presidential Election Results On Blockchain

The Associated Press news agency has been publishing incoming results from the Nov. 3 United States presidential election onto the Ethereum and EOS blockchains. As noted on the developer webpage detailing how to access its AP Elections API, results are being immutably written to blockchain by Everipedia’s OraQle software. While the results are naturally also being published […]


The Advantages of Blockchain over Traditional Payments

E-commerce is expected to surpass $4.6 trillion globally by 2022, with the seamless experience of e-wallets boosting its popularity. The simplicity of services like PayPal and Stripe has helped to improve customer experience while giving merchants easy access to new markets. Blockchain-based solutions represent the next logical evolution of this trend. By eliminating middlemen, cross-border blockchain […]


How Blockchain Will Prompt A New Era Of Commerce

The concept of commerce is as old as humankind; however, e-commerce first arose as an idea in the 1980s. In its relatively short lifespan, the concept of buying and selling goods or services online has met significant milestones; from the first e-commerce payment in 1994 to the advent of Amazon and eBay in 1995, to the […]


The Inevitability of ‘Big Blockchain’

Industrial concentration has risen. More workers than ever work for very large firms. A handful of major investors own a greater percentage of public companies. Fewer companies (and individuals) decide what we consume, where we work, how much we earn and even how our government is run than they have in the last half century. Stephanie […]


The US Election Results Will Be Published on the Blockchain

The Associated Press, an independent global news organization, is teaming up with blockchain-based encyclopedia Everipedia to publish and distribute the 2020 US election results directly onto a blockchain. The results will be published via Everipedia, which runs on the EOS blockchain, and will make use of another blockchain called Chainlink.“AP is the gold standard in counting […]

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