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Bitcoin Price Watch: Can BTC/USD Hold This Support?

Key PointsBitcoin price declined recently and broke the $9,300 support against the US Dollar.There is a crucial bearish trend line in place with resistance at $9,150 on the hourly chart of the BTC/USD pair (data feed from Kraken).The pair must stay above the $8,990 and $8,870 support levels to avoid further losses.​​Bitcoin price is struggling […]


NYT: New York Stock Exchange Owner Wants To Let Customers Buy Bitcoin

The owner of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) is mulling letting customers buy and hold Bitcoin, The New York Times reported late Monday, May 7. The move would be the second Wall Street giant in a week to reportedly open up to crypto.As the New York Times reports, citing “emails and documents” as well […]


Bill Gates: I’d Short ‘Crazier, Speculative’ Bitcoin If I Could

Microsoft founder Bill Gates issued critical comments about Bitcoin May 7, telling CNBC it was a “greater fool” investment and he “would short it if he could.”In comments during the network’s Squawk Box segment, Gates, who in February claimed cryptocurrencies had “caused deaths in a fairly direct way,” nonetheless did not discount the idea of […]


Large-Scale VC Investor Schools Warren Buffet on the Value of Bitcoin

Fred Wilson responded to Warren Buffett’s latest adolescent-style bard about Bitcoin being rat poison squared in a post on his AVC blog in which he explains the “production” value of crypto assets.Wilson Explains the Underlying Value of BitcoinFred Wilson, venture capitalist and co-founder of Union Square Capital which has investments in Tumblr, Twitter, Kickstarter, Foursquare […]


Warren Buffett Calls Bitcoin ‘Rat Poison,’ Ignores Real-world Utility

Warren Buffett has once again delivered a bearish and quote-worthy statement in regards to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, calling Bitcoin “rat poison squared” – but is he still missing the point?In case you didn’t already know, investing legend Warren Buffett doesn’t like Bitcoin.According to CNBC‘s Becky Quick, The Oracle of Omaha once again expressed his negative […]


Bitcoin Nearly as Bad as ‘Trading Harvested Baby Brains’, Says Berkshire VC Munger

Berkshire Hathaway’s bitcoin bashing barrage doesn’t show any signs of letting up.Just one day after Berkshire Hathaway chairman and CEO Warren Buffett trashed bitcoin at the legendary firm’s annual shareholders meeting in Omaha, Nebraska, vice chairman Charlie Munger unleashed a memorable rant of his own.Munger’s comments on cryptocurrency started out amicably enough, but they quickly […]


Charlie Shrem: May 2018 Will Be ‘Last Time’ Bitcoin Costs Under $10,000

Bitcoin Foundation founder Charlie Shrem has gone on record to forecast that May 2018 will be “the last time” Bitcoin costs less than $10,000.BUY THE LAST DIP?In a Tweet from May 3rd, Shrem, who since returning to the cryptocurrency industry has vowed to propagate Bitcoin’s benefits to a wider audience, claimed this month would mark […]


Bitcoin and Ethereum Gains Spur Cryptocurrency Market Beyond $500 Billion

Bitcoin and Ethereum, two of the most valuable cryptocurrencies in the global market, have led the cryptocurrency market to surpass $450 billion and based on the current trend, it is likely that the market crosses the $0.5 trillion mark within May.Ether Up 11%Ether, the native cryptocurrency of the Ethereum blockchain protocol, has increased by more […]


Goldman Sachs Nears Kick-off of Bitcoin Trading Desk

JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon famously called bitcoin a “fraud,” but that opinion is not shared by The Goldman Sachs Group Inc. Goldman’s board of directors has approved a management decision to begin trading bitcoin contracts using the bank’s own money to trade with clients in a number of contracts linked to the cryptocurrency’s price.The bank […]

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