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Bitcoin Price Regains $4k but Bears Call It Low Volume ‘Short Squeeze’

Bitcoin price bulls may already be seeing the answer to their prayers as markets gained upward momentum March 27, taking Bitcoin above $4000.$4k of False Hope?Data from CoinMarketCap confirmed Wednesday’s price trend, which occurred as analysts warned of the need for BTC/USD to close the month above $3800 to avoid bigger losses.At press time, the […]


5 Ways Crypto Investors Can Get Returns In Flat Markets

Many investors are drawn to cryptocurrencies by the prospect of compelling returns.In 2017, for example, many market observers rejoiced as digital currencies produced astronomical returns, with a handful of these innovative assets skyrocketing more than 10,000% that year.However, when the digital currency markets go flat, what should these investors do to produce appealing returns?This article […]


Bitcoin Price Consolidation Continues, Downside Break Looks Likely

Chart signals of bullish exhaustion suggest bitcoin’s (BTC) narrowing trading range could soon be breached to the downside.The leading cryptocurrency by market value is sidelined below $4,000 for the fourth straight day, and has been restricted to the narrow range of $3,920–$4,055 since March 17, according to Bitstamp data.More importantly, prices clocked a high and […]


Why Bitcoin Is Incomparable to History’s Famous Bubbles

Bitcoin economist Saifedean Ammous says that nothing has ever risen as fast and as much as Bitcoin price – which makes it ‘incomparable’ even to the most successful companies and innovators.‘Bitcoin Is a Completely New Animal’Bitcoin economist and author of The Bitcoin Standard, Saifedean Ammous, recently shared his views on whether the world’s most popular cryptocurrency […]


Bitcoin Market Dominance Is Actually over 80%, New Research Finds

Bitcoin market dominance or BTC’s percentage of the total market cap may not be the best way to get an accurate picture of the market, according to new research.Market Share vs Market Dominance​There are certain Bitcoin metrics that we all understand; the price, the circulating supply, the market cap. And then there’s market dominance, which […]


95% Of Reported Bitcoin Trading Volume Is Fake, Says Bitwise

While many use CoinMarketCap as a go-to resource for cryptocurrency market data, roughly 95% of bitcoin trading volume reported by this website is fake, according to Bitwise Asset Management report.CoinMarketCap reports approximately $6 billion per day in bitcoin trading volume, but the actual figure is $273 million, or roughly 4.5% of the reported amount, according […]


Cryptocurrency Price Correlations in Bitcoin, Dollar Flipped in 2018, Binance Finds

Price correlations among major cryptocurrencies increased against the U.S. dollar (USD) but fell in Bitcoin (BTC) terms, a new report from cryptocurrency exchange Binance revealed on March 20.Part of an investigation into price trends within crypto markets since 2017, Binance found that behavior among assets is diverging depending on whether returns are denominated in USD […]


Bitcoin Price Charts Echo Pattern Seen Before 2015 Bull Market

ViewBitcoin’s drop from a record high of $20,000 clocked in December 2017 has ended up creating a falling channel similar to the one created in the 18 months leading up to the long-term bullish reversal seen in October 2015.If the same sequence of events unfolds, BTC could see a channel breakout later this year. An […]


Square Is Hiring New Crypto Engineers — And It Wants to Pay Them in Bitcoin

Payments startup Square plans to hire a number of engineers and a designer to work on its crypto initiatives, according to tweets from CEO Jack Dorsey.Dorsey, who also founded and runs Twitter, announced Wednesday evening that Square plans to hire three or four engineers and one designer “to work full-time on open source contributions to […]


Bitcoin’s Highest Hash Rate in 4 Months Supports Growing Optimism

Bitcoin hash rate, the computing power securing the network, has reached levels not seen since early November 2018.Bitcoin Hash Rate May Have ‘Bottomed’March 19th saw the Bitcoin hash rate surge past 52 quintillion hashes per second according to data from hash rate measures the performance of bitcoin miners who secure the network. Simply put, […]

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