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4 Reasons Why You Should Probably Get Some Bitcoin, Just in Case

Over a decade after Bitcoin was launched, the world’s first non-trust based money is breaking out of yet another bear market cycle. Let’s look at a few reasons why it may be a good idea to buy even a small fraction of a bitcoin before the FOMO (fear of missing out) kicks in.Bitcoin Is Pretty […]


Bitcoin Set to Be ‘World’s Main Payment System’ in 10 Years – New Research

Bitcoin will “surpass all competition” from other payment systems such as Visa and MasterCard within ten years if current growth continues, new research has concluded.Bitcoin Will Beat Visa, MastercardIn a study comparing Bitcoin to legacy payment providers, which also included PayPal, DataLight made the forecast after noting the cryptocurrency’s rapid advances since its inception in […]


5 Reasons Bitcoin Bull Rally is Just Beginning after 2019-High Above $5,000

The bitcoin price briefly crossed the $5,000 in several major regions on April 2, officially surpassing the $4,800 mark in global average price.The somewhat expected increase in the price of bitcoin left many investors, including industry executives, bewildered about the factors that led the dominant cryptocurrency to surge.1st Factor: A Purely Technical MoveThroughout the past […]


8 Reasons Why Bitcoin Looks Even Better Than in 2017

Bitcoin soared in a few short hours blasting through the $5,000 barrier, and HODLers are rubbing their hands with glee preparing for the next epic run. But is this going to be 2017 all over again? No. Here are seven reasons why Bitcoin looks even better now than in 2017.Better FundamentalsFor any market to reach […]


Bitcoin Price Surges 20% to $4,800 in Minutes: Is the Bear Trend Officially Over?

The bitcoin price recorded a massive surge from $4,200 to nearly $4,800 within minutes, demonstrating a 20 percent gain in a short time frame.The $4,200 resistance level, which bitcoin has struggled to break out of for more than four months, was broken cleanly for the first time on early Tuesday morning, which led most technical […]


Bitcoin Price Hits 5-Week High With Chart Echoing 2015 Pre-Rally Pattern

Bitcoin is slowly gaining altitude with a long-term lagging indicator flashing signs similar to those seen before the 2015 bull breakout.The crypto market leader rose to $4,100 at 10:30 UTC on Bitstamp today – the highest level since Feb. 24 – validating a bullish higher low established along the crucial 30-day moving average (MA) support […]


Bitcoin Needs Price Gain for Bull Reversal in March

Bitcoin now has a high price target if it is to see a bullish reversal this month, price charts suggest.The leading cryptocurrency jumped more than 10 percent in February, snapping the record six-month losing streak. More importantly, the recovery rally seen in February engulfed the price action seen in the preceding month.Essentially, BTC created a […]


Bitcoin No-Brainer Buy ‘Very Near’ as Transactions Spike Near All-Time Highs

Bitcoin transactions surged to a 14-month high on Wednesday, reaching levels not seen since the peak of 2017’s cryptocurrency bull run.#bitcoin transactions reaching ath’s again— Sakura 桜 (@SakuraXBT) March 28, 2019 It comes as financial ratings firm Weiss said “the best time to invest could be very near,” citing the “remarkable growth in user […]


New Bitcoin Trading Volume Metric Offers Clearer View of the Market

Step aside CoinMarketCap, your time may be up; there’s a new straight shooter in town with reliable bitcoin trading volume metrics. Following recent research and criticism of CMC’s data collection methods, a New York-based alternative has stepped into the fray.Bitcoin Trading Volume OverexaggeratedCoinMarketCap has, for a long time now, been the go-to place for all […]

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