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Don’t Bet On Bitcoin For Another Rally Based On Fundamentals; At Least Not Yet

On 10 May, when Bitcoin registered a massive drop from $9900 to $8100 right before the halving, the community was quick to temper its expectations of a rally post-halving, with many believing that a period of struggle will commence for the world’s largest crypto-asset from here on. Lo and behold, that hasn’t been the case at […]


Veteran Investor Says Bitcoin Price Surge to $467,000 is ‘Achievable’

Raoul Pal, the CEO and founder at Real Vision, believes the price of Bitcoin (BTC) can reach $476,000 in the long-term. Pal is not alone in this belief as hedge fund managers like Morgan Creek Digital’s Mark Yusko have also made similar predictions in the past.Currently, the price of Bitcoin hovers at around $9,700 and […]


Bitcoin And Stocks’ Correlation Reveal A Secret

Bitcoin is meant to be an uncorrelated asset and this is/was a positive. However, it is clear that right now bitcoin correlates with stocks very closely:It doesn’t take a technical analysis savant to see it—the correlation is glaring. This isn’t great news to me because I have a bunch of bitcoin and I believe stocks […]


Bitcoin Halving 2020: Publicly Traded Mining Operations Very Vulnerable

Publicly traded Bitcoin mining companies are starting to come into the spotlight on the eve of the 2020 BTC halving. I decided to took a deeper dive into what it would take for firms such as Hive, Hut 8, Riot Blockchain and Canaan to stay operational after the block reward diminishing subsidy gets cut in […]


Bitcoin Hits $10K — Paul Tudor Jones Buys BTC Comparing It to Gold

Today Bitcoin (BTC) hit $10,000 after finally managing to break above a long-term descending trendline at $9,400. The break above the important psychological level comes as there are only 4 days left until the Bitcoin block reward halving and a strong sustained surge in purchasing volume shows retail traders are steadily piling into the digital […]


Paul Tudor Jones Uses Bitcoin As A Hedge

Paul Tudor Jones, a large hedge-fund manager and founder of Tudor Investment Corporation, says he is buying bitcoin futures. He says that Bitcoin is a an inflation hedge against “great monetary inflation,” and reminds him of gold in the 70s. “The best profit-maximizing strategy is to own the fastest horse,” says Jones in a letter to his […]


It’s A Critical Moment For Bitcoin As Analysts Eye Move To $14,000

Bitcoin’s intense uptrend has continued strong. The cryptocurrency is now navigating towards its next overhead supply region within the mid-to-upper $9,000 region. It does appear that the cryptocurrency is beginning to build some serious underlying strength, as each bout of consolidation seen throughout the past couple of months has resulted in bull-favoring breakouts. One analyst is now […]


Bitcoin Can Boost Portfolio Returns, Even if Bought at All-Time High: Bitwise Study

With the right management strategy, bitcoin almost always boosts the value of a mixed portfolio, according to Bitwise research – even if bought at the all-time high. Based on a test portfolio using historical data, the San Francisco-based asset manager found investors who allocated a small percentage of bitcoin to a portfolio made up of stocks and bonds would […]

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