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Bitcoin Can Still Go Above 10,000

It’s a drag when you read in the mainstream press that a financial instrument has gone up a long way. This is normally the end of that run. The mainstream media has its faults but it is normally accidentally flawless in calling the bottom and top of markets by reporting the move.Want to pick the […]


Bitcoin Analyst Bets $250,000 BTC Plunges 75%: Here’s Why He’ll Lose

Several months ago, Tone Vays, a polarizing figure in the crypto community, laid down the gauntlet on Twitter. Doubling down on his gloomy short-term bitcoin price forecast, Vays challenged his critics to take on a bet that’s worth $250,000.ANALYST: BITCOIN PRICE WILL CRASH BELOW $2,000The terms are simple: if the bitcoin price drops below $2,000 […]


Bitcoin Developers Propose Stronger, Faster Blockchain Network Via ‘Erlay’

Bitcoin core dev Gregory Maxwell left Blockstream last January to focus on “deep protocol work,” and now he and a few other developers have surfaced with something called “Erlay.SO THAT’S WHAT GREG MAXWELL HAS BEEN UP TOErlay was announced over the last 24 hours in a post to the Bitcoin Core development mailing list by […]


Return Of The Alts: Bitcoin’s Dominance Falls As Altcoins Rally

It seems that the long-awaited alt-season may finally have arrived after Bitcoin’s market cap dominance fell from 60% to 55% following strong rallies for a number of prominent altcoins.With Bitcoin’s dominance falling over 2% in the last few days alone, we have seen breakouts for many top-10 market cap projects. Bitcoin SV, for example, is […]


How The Super Rich Are Buying Up Bitcoin

Far from the murky, impersonal world of online bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchanges, the world’s wealthiest who want to buy bitcoin do it through an office in west London’s upmarket Mayfair—and the relatively new service is becoming increasingly popular amongst the super rich with an interest in crypto. The Dadiani Syndicate, which styles itself as an investment […]


Bitcoin Bagholders Will Limit This Rally

Bitcoin (BTC-USD) has staged an impressive rally in 2019, up 125% year to date and nearly 175% from its lows in December 2018. I am a perma-bear on cryptos, not necessarily on blockchain technology but bearish on bitcoin as a form of currency and certainly at the current price. I see this rally as having […]


The Reasons Behind Bitcoin’s Bullish Turn

Bitcoin’s performance over the past month or so has been quite remarkable. After languishing in the doldrums around the low $3,000 mark, we are now on the verge of seeing a return of the Vegeta memes as we near $9,000.Most traders who voice their opinions on Twitter are awash with bullish sentiment. As are most […]


Bitcoin Is Trading With A Significant Premium On Grayscale’s Investment Trust

Investors are paying a huge premium to buy into the current crypto bull run via the publicly-traded Grayscale Bitcoin Investment Trust (GBTC).The share price of GBTC is showing a premium of around 37% based on the amount of BTC in its reserves. This comes on the back of the firm’s announcement that its fund is […]


Bitcoin Is Back In Black As Cryptocurrency Prices Thaw: Chart

Bitcoin has just checked off another milestone. Prices for the largest digital currency are now higher on a year-over-year basis for the first time since November, according to Bitstamp pricing data compiled by Bloomberg that includes weekend moves. Bitcoin is back in positive territory after a difficult 2018 in which the crypto token erased about […]


Long-Term Bitcoin Price Indicator Rises for First Time in a Year

Bitcoin (BTC) has moved back above $8,000 as a widely followed long-term indicator turns bullish for the first time in over a year. The world’s largest cryptocurrency by market value is currently trading at $8,020 on Bitstamp – up more than $500 in the last 24 hours. Prices hit a high of $8,032 earlier today.  The […]

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