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Facebook’s Cryptocurrency Could Be Good News for Bitcoin — Even if It Fails

Facebook ’s cryptocurrency is the innovation that no one is asking for. But it might just be the jolt that Bitcoin and other digital assets need.From the details that have emerged so far, Facebook’s coin — reportedly called Globalcoin internally — will be used to make payments on Facebook (ticker: FB) and elsewhere on the […]


Jsck Dorsey’s Square Makes First ‘Bitcoin Not Blockchain’ Hire

Following Jack Dorsey’s commitment to ‘give back’ to the Bitcoin ecosystem, Square Crypto has announced its first employee.Although not without a bit of good-natured trolling on Twitter first.JACK DORSEY’S DESCENT INTO BITCOIN’S RABBIT HOLETwitter and Square CEO, Jack Dorsey, is a big fan of Bitcoin. We know this because a) he doesn’t stop going on […]


100 Bitcoin Users Perform What Might Be Largest ‘CoinJoin’ Transaction Ever

The community behind the privacy-centric bitcoin app Wasabi Wallet recently brought together 100 people to collectively execute a “CoinJoin” transaction on bitcoin in what might be the biggest event of its kind.Some context: bitcoin itself is far from private, as users can, via the blockchain, see where coins are being transferred to and from. One […]


Bitcoin Price Sinks to $7,500 as Analyst Predicts Further 30% Plunge

In the past 24 hours, the bitcoin price has dropped from $7,900 to around $7,500 by more than five percent against the U.S. dollar in a minor pullback in the crypto market.The bitcoin price has dropped by around five percent in the past 24 hours (source: the last seven days, the bitcoin price has […]


A Bitcoin ‘Millionaire’ Is Planning To ‘Resurrect’ $20,000 Per Bitcoin By 2020

Bitcoin was pronounced dead by teen bitcoin and cryptocurrency “millionaire” Erik Finman late last year in the midst of a bitter bitcoin and cryptocurrency bear market that left most major tokens down almost 90% in value and sparked fears the great crypto experiment could come to an abrupt end.The bitcoin price has since rebounded, doubling […]


Bitcoin Expert: Facebook’s GlobalCoin Will Annihilate Ripple

Ripple (XRP) and most other cryptocurrencies should be looking over their shoulders now that Facebook has announced it is launching GlobalCoin (or Libra), according to Bitcoin expert Max Keiser.In Keiser’s opinion, GlobalCoin will render altcoins irrelevant, and this includes Ripple. The Bitcoin bull also sees the Facebook coin obliterating payments and remittance companies leveraging cryptocurrencies:The […]


Key Bitcoin Indicator Flashes Sell Signal That May End Crypto Euphoria

A key indicator suggests there may be major turmoil ahead for Bitcoin, the most popular cryptocurrency in the world, which has staged a rally of about 112% year to date. The GTI Vera Convergence-Divergence indicator, detecting both positive and negative trends, has flashed a sell signal for the first time in about two months, pointing […]


Bitcoin Price: These Charts Prove BTC Will Suffer a Brutal Crash

Thinking of buying bitcoin at current prices? Think again. The cryptocurrency has surged so far, so rapidly, that its rally is already starting to crater. While the coming implosion will exert pain across the entire market, it should present new opportunities that savvy investors can leverage to enhance the long-term value of their holdings.One profitable […]


1 Low-Risk Way to Cash In on Bitcoin

Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin can see their prices soar and plunge in a matter of days — and even minutes. In turn, cryptocurrency investors can quickly earn a fortune, but then just as quickly lose it all.Yet there’s an often-overlooked way to profit from Bitcoin’s wild price swings, one that doesn’t require you to predict […]

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