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A Hypothesis For A Bitcoin ‘Triple Top’ In 2021

From sovereign wealth funds jumping in, to multiple Bitcoin ETFs in the works, there is a growing sense something important is going on and that perhaps mainstream adoption is just around the corner.There is so much to focus on out there but you only need to look at a couple of key market data points […]


Why SOS Stock Is Too Risky A Bitcoin Play To Handle

It was not long ago that SOS Limited (NYSE:SOS) mined its first Bitcoin (CCC:BTC-USD) on Feb. 24. Since then, the cryptocurrency mining firm announced successful installations. Investors may expect the hardware reconfigurations will justify the jump in SOS stock.Last month, SOS shares peaked at an intraday high of $15.88. The stock fell off a cliff […]


Bitcoin Gains Ahead Of $6B Options Expiry After Market Finds $50K Floor

Bitcoin rose for the first time in three days as traders looked past Friday’s record $6 billion expiration of option contracts to a stronger market next week as April begins.“Returns after prior bitcoin options expiration dates have tended to be positive,” David Grider, strategist at Fundstrat, told clients in an email. “The market is calm […]


Marathon Patent Stock, Like Bitcoin, May Not Be Worth Buying For A Host Of Reasons

Marathon Patent (NASDAQ:MARA) was among the most successful patent trolls in the last decade. Patent trolls buy patent rights, then use lawyers to extend their meaning and sue anyone in the space. They are the bane of technology. Back in 2016 MARA stock traded at more than $50.Eventually, courts stopped looking kindly on such companies. […]


Want To Trade Forex With Bitcoin? It’s Not Without Risks

Bitcoin has emerged as one of the most valuable assets over the past few years. One bitcoin is currently worth about $60,000. With its growing popularity, the use of BTC is also growing in almost all sectors, including the foreign exchange market, the biggest and most liquid market in the world. In recent years, many […]


8 High-Tech Stocks That Are Better Than Bitcoin

Reasonable investors can (and do) disagree about what Bitcoin (CCC:BTC-USD) should be worth. Personally, I think the current price above $55,000 is questionable at best and a bubble at worst. Many cryptocurrency bulls, however, see an easy path to six figures and beyond.Valuation debates aside, though, Bitcoin truly is impressive. The parameters created by the […]


Big Banks Are Moving Toward Embracing Bitcoin

Bitcoin (CCC:BTC-USD) has had quite a good run so far this year. It is up 68.5% as of March 2 and is likely to move higher over the year. Bitcoin is also gaining acceptance on Wall Street and with larger banks who will act as leaders in the eventual usage of cryptocurrencies.But I find it […]


How Bitcoin Fits In A Retirement Portfolio

Stocks, bonds, real estate, commodities. Bitcoin.Bitcoin? Is cryptocurrency an asset class deserving of a place in every endowment and retirement portfolio?There is now being built on Wall Street a modern portfolio theory of bitcoins: elaborate demonstrations that a dose of virtual currency will enhance the return or reduce the risk of a portfolio. Be prepared […]


Goldman Sachs To Launch Crypto Trading Operation This Month After Bitcoin’s Big Surge

Banking powerhouse Goldman Sachs is setting up a cryptocurrency trading desk after backing away from a previous effort to enter the market after bitcoin crashed in 2018, making it the latest institutional player to plow into cryptocurrencies amid an eye-popping surge in their values.The cryptocurrency trading operation is set to begin dealing bitcoin futures for […]

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