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Bitcoin Price Hits New All-Time High Against Turkish Lira

A famous Bitcoin skeptic has called for a gold-backed currency to save Turkey as its national fiat currency collapses. In a tweet on Monday, John Hopkins professor Steve Hanke argued that hard money was now the only way out for Turkey, which has spent billions of dollars propping up the lira.Hanke: Turkey’s Lira Is “Toast”At press […]


Best Weekly Close Since $20K? 5 BTC Price Factors to Watch This Week

Bitcoin (BTC) begins a new week at over $11,000 after a wild weekend saw the market crash $1,200 in minutes — will the chaos continue? Cointelegraph gives you five factors that could easily impact Bitcoin price action over the coming days. Bitcoin Futures Gaps Keep BuildingMore than usual, this week looks set to be big in terms […]


Market Watch: Altcoins On Fire As Bitcoin Dominance Taps Yearly Lows

Following the wild weekend ride in the cryptocurrency market, the situation appears less volatile now, at least among most large-cap assets. Bitcoin has returned to $11,200, while Ethereum hovers above $380. Some lower-cap altcoins, however, are displaying high fluctuations again.A Breath Of Stability For BitcoinThe weekend was nothing short than volatile for the primary cryptocurrency. […]


As The Bitcoin Price Soars, Bitcoin’s ‘Real’ Crypto Market Dominance Is Revealed

Bitcoin has soared this week, rocketing above $11,000 for the first time since August last year and adding around 20% in just a few days. Some smaller cryptocurrencies have made massive gains in recent months as bitcoin treaded water, eating into bitcoin’s dominance—a measure of bitcoin’s value compared to the wider cryptocurrency market. However, some have suggested […]


Last Time This Bitcoin Statistic Hit A New High, BTC Surged 3.5x—And It’s Back

The so-called “HODLwave” of Bitcoin has hit a new all-time high. The metric indicates the amount of unmoved BTC on the blockchain in the past 12 months. It typically suggests that investors are increasingly accumulating the dominant cryptocurrency. Researchers at Cryptowatch, a crypto market data company owned by U.S. exchange Kraken, wrote: “Bitcoin’s 1-year HODL wave—BTC unmoved […]


Novogratz: Global ‘Liquidity Pump’ Will Keep Bitcoin Rising, Price to Hit $20K This Year

Billionaire investor Michael Novogratz said global “liquidity pump” from stimulus packages will keep driving bitcoin’s price higher. He expects the price of bitcoin to reach $20,000 this year, fueled by retail investors shifting to the cryptocurrency.Mike Novogratz’s Bitcoin PredictionGalaxy Digital CEO Michael Novogratz said on Tuesday that bitcoin and gold have more room to grow […]


DeFi Awaits “Rude Awakening” As Bitcoin Rallies: Ex Goldman Partner

A rising Bitcoin market could spell troubles for its neighboring decentralized financial industry, according to Kelvin Koh of the Spartan Group. The co-founder and CIO said Tuesday that he expects DeFi tokens to experience sell-offs in the coming sessions. He noted that most of these altcoins rose sharply on extensive hype. Traders refused to acknowledge risks […]


What’s Behind Bitcoin’s Surge? Experts Have Several Theories

Bitcoin is famous for it volatility, but has been unusually quiet in recent months. The digital currency had been hovering in a tight band between $9,000 and $10,000 for nearly all of the last three months—until a sudden breakout in the past week. On Monday, the price of Bitcoin brushed $11,000, which is up from around […]


As Bitcoin Flounders, The Price Of These Smaller Cryptocurrencies Has Suddenly Soared

Bitcoin has been trading sideways since its supply squeeze in early May—though many other smaller cryptocurrencies have surged during that time.The bitcoin price has remained firmly under $10,000 per bitcoin despite a raft of positive developments for bitcoin and the wider cryptocurrency space. However, the likes of chainlink, cardano, tezos, stellar and ethereum have all soared—with some […]

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