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Crypto Experts Say Bitcoin Will be Much Stronger This Time Around

The cryptocurrency market has been largely bearish this year, with Bitcoin having fallen below $6,000 in June. However, cryptocurrency experts who have been observing the market and considering factors other than just speculation, they feel that is a healthy correction of the market, and that the future of the market, driven by adoption, is bright.Willy […]


The Entire Cryptocurrency Market Is Now 54% Bitcoin

Bitcoin now dominates 54 percent of the total cryptocurrency market cap, hitting a level on Tuesday not seen since the time of its all-time price highs in December 2017.ANALYSTS DREAM OF ALTCOIN REBIRTHAccording to data from Coinmarketcap, Bitcoin $6312.49 now has a market cap of $105 billion. August 11 formed the latest date when Bitcoin’s market cap […]


Longer-term View of Bitcoin

Further to our previous article, bitcoin may indeed be forming its lower peak. A price drop below the last lower trough (around the 5,782 level) is need for the confirmation. However, the EMAs are in a bearish formation with the green 5-week EMA below the orange 13-week EMA, and the orange 13-week EMA below the […]


Kim Dotcom: Invest in Bitcoin Before U.S. Debt Spirals Out of Control

Controversial Internet pirate and bitcoin advocate Kim Dotcom is urging everyone to invest in gold and bitcoin because the U.S. government is adding $1 trillion to its debt every year, which will never be paid. The debt will destroy the U.S. and create a global economic collapse, Dotcom argued in a tweet.1 TRILLION DOLLARS in […]


Crypto Millionaire Lost 5,500 Bitcoins in Alleged Investment Scam

A 22-year-old cryptocurrency millionaire has lost more than 5,500 bitcoins in an alleged investment scam in Thailand – one that drew public attention due to the involvement of a local actor.According to a media report from Bangkok Post on Monday, a group approached and solicited Finnish businessman Aarni Otava Saarimaa in June 2017 over investment […]


US Software Giant Intuit Awarded Patent for Processing Bitcoin Payments via SMS

U.S. software company Intuit has been awarded a patent for processing Bitcoin (BTC) payments via text message (SMS), according to a filing published by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) August 7.The patent, which outlines a system through which users can transfer BTC funds via sending an SMS on their cellphones, was originally filed […]


Top Technical Analyst Says It Could Be ‘Game Over’ For Bitcoin

A difficult week for bitcoin investors may get much worse, according to Renaissance Macro Research.The firm’s head of technical research, Jeff deGraaf, said he would recommend betting against bitcoin if the cryptocurrency broke through its key year-to-date support level.”Parabolic moves are notoriously dangerous for short‐sellers … Usually a top develops that often appears as a […]


Bitcoin Core Developer Reveals ‘Critical’ Bug In Bitcoin Cash

Cryptocurrency industry and community figures are reacting after it emerged a Bitcoin Core developer fixed a “critical” bug in the code for the Bitcoin Cash hard fork.FIELDS: BUG ‘WOULD HAVE SPLIT’ CHAINIn a blog post August 10th, Corey Fields relates how in April 2018 he anonymously reported the consensus bug, known as SIGHASH_BUG.A so-called ‘chain-splitting’ […]


Yale Economist: Here’s How Likely It Is That Bitcoin Will Become Worthless

Bitcoin captured the attention of investors, celebrities and even NFL playersin 2017, as its price soared from below $1,000 for a single coin at the start of the year to over $19,000 in December.The digital currency underpinned by blockchain technology — a decentralized ledger managed by a network of computers through complex math problems — […]

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