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Sorry MIT, But You’re Not Taking Down Bitcoin

“Let’s destroy Bitcoin.”Thus the MIT Technology Review purports to present a guide to taking down the flagship cryptocurrency, whose network has achieved 99.99 percent uptime since its launch in January 2009. Unsurprisingly, the publication’s plans — which you can read about in more detail here — fall short of the mark.Author Morgan Peck presents three […]


Will Bitcoin Ever Replace Gold as a Store of Value

Forget The FOMO Bitcoin Will LastFor as long as human records go back in time gold has been a constant form of wealth in the majority of world cultures. As other precious materials and forms of currency have come and gone gold has remained a trusted asset. Its value is derived from its scarcity and […]


Bitcoin Bull Trap? Not So, Says Lesser-Known Price Indicator

Is the reversal of a lesser-known bitcoin price indicator signaling a bull trap?That’s the question being asked by Twitter’s more expert crypto analysts after bitcoin’s rise to $8,500 this week, a figure that’s up more than 25 percent since its early April lows. As such, many investors and traders are wondering if the market’s rally, […]


Amazon Patents a Bitcoin Analysis Service

Law enforcement agencies are showing great interest in Bitcoin users as of right now. They mainly intend to crack down on illicit activities taking place in the world of cryptocurrency. It now appears Amazon is preparing to enter this space as well, as the company recently received a patent to “identity Bitcoin users”. It’s an […]


Bitcoin Headed For $100,000 Or $100? CEOs, Big Investors And Harvard Economist Predictions

Many predictions have been made regarding Bitcoin’s price which, after jumping from around $1,000 to $20,000 in 2017, decreased to lows of around $6,000 before climbing back to $8,000.This huge volatility makes it very challenging to predict the price in the short-term. Nonetheless, a fundamental analysis of the evolution of Bitcoin’s price in the longer […]


Economists Explore Bitcoin’s ‘Equilibrium Price’ in New Paper

Two economists have developed a model for pricing bitcoin and other assets in decentralized financial networks.Emiliano Pagnotta and Andrea Buraschi, professors of finance at Imperial College Business School in London, have proposed a theoretical structure for networks based on proof of work, which include bitcoin and ethereum. Their paper is dated March 21 of this […]


Analysts Expect Bitcoin in Bullish Mode After ‘Tax Day’

‘Tax Day’ in the U.S. is today, April 17, and a number of analysts are bullish on Bitcoin as the much-anticipated tax deadline should trigger the next upward momentum.‘Tax Day’ to Spark New Bullish Momentum For BitcoinThe cryptocurrency market has been hungover ever since Bitcoin entered the futures trading market in December 2017. The downward […]


Resistance Ahead: Bitcoin Bulls Must Break $8,500

A move above resistance at $8,500 would provide confirmation bitcoin’s bear market has ended, the technical charts indicate.Over the weekend, the cryptocurrency clocked a three-week high of $8,458 on Bitfinex, adding credence to the short-term bull reversal confirmed last Thursday. Further, the 30 percent rally from $6,425 (April 1 low) proved that the much-feared “death […]


CNBC’s Brian Kelly Supports Tim Draper’s BTC Prediction Of $250,000 By 2022

After investment tycoon Tim Draper said earlier this week that Bitcoin (BTC) could hit $250,000 by 2022, CNBC Fast Money’s Brian Kelly has supported this prediction in a CNBC interview from yesterday, April 13.In response to a question about Draper’s high prediction, Kelly responded that although “it sounds crazy,” when one considers that BTC already […]

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