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Will Bitcoin Reach $100,000 Within The Next Two Years?

The recent Bitcoin halving caused a number of investors to return to old habits, with intense and rampant speculation beginning to circulate across social media, which prompted some to call for a $100,000 price prediction within the next two years. And while this is most certainly a possibility, it is important to remain grounded and understand […]


Market Wrap: Bitcoin Can’t Stick to $9,000 While Stocks Rally

Bitcoin (BTC) poked its head above the $9,000 level briefly during morning trading in New York but fell to below $8,700 on selling. As of 20:35 UTC (4:35 p.m. ET), bitcoin was trading at $8,846, a loss of 1% over 24 hours.  The largest cryptocurrency by market cap is currently trading below its 10-day and […]


BTC Dominance Signals Abrupt End to Crypto Altcoin Season

BTC dominance – a metric that weighs the entire Bitcoin market cap against other crypto assets – has been falling in recent weeks, giving many small-cap altcoins a chance in the limelight. The short-lived altcoin season could come to an abrupt end, however, according to a highly reliable indicator.BTC Dominance To Grow, Putting Sudden End To […]


Bitcoin Drops Below $9,000 After ‘Strong Rejection’ At $10,000

Bitcoin fell to less than $8,900 today, declining after the digital currency encountered powerful resistance at the $10,000 level. The cryptocurrency dropped to as little as $8,888.84 this afternoon, CoinDesk data showed. At this point, the digital asset was down more than 10% from the recent high of $9,933.98 it reached on May 17th, additional CoinDesk figures […]


Cryptocurrency and COVID-19: Bitcoin’s Path to a Safe Haven

Aren’t we all searching for a safe haven? Whether we mean literal shelter — four walls and a roof over our heads — or something more sophisticated, the craving for a dependable defense against random chaos has always been our instinct.With the COVID-19 pandemic rearranging society at every level, the allure of a safe haven […]


Square’s Cash App Now Allows Automatic Bitcoin Purchases

Square’s Cash App now allows users to schedule automatic bitcoin purchases at set time intervals – daily, weekly, or bi-weekly.The new feature, dubbed “Auto Invest,” follows the system of dollar-cost averaging, i.e., buying an asset in small amounts regularly, regardless of its price.“You don’t need perfect timing if you’re thinking long-term…By spreading purchases out, you […]


Bitcoin Price Drops 5% After Rejecting at Key $9,900 Resistance

Within the last hour Bitcoin (BTC) price abruptly dropped 4.9% from $9,800 to $9,324. The sharp correction came after the top ranked digital asset on CoinMarketCap failed to push through the $9,900-$10,000 resistance zone.  At the time of writing traders appear to be viewing the pullback as a dip buying opportunity, possibly due to the boost […]


Bitcoin’s Halving Is Nothing Like Quantitative Tightening

On May 11, block 630,000 on the Bitcoin network was mined. The rate at which new bitcoins are produced promptly dropped from 12.5 to 6.25 approximately every 10 minutes. Many people expected this “halving” to trigger a sustained rise in bitcoin’s U.S. dollar price, as it did after previous halvings in 2013 and 2017. And […]


Are Altcoins Silver To Bitcoin As Gold? Unusual Correlation Discovered

Bitcoin has long been referred to as the digital counterpart to the scarce physical asset and precious metal, gold. But could altcoins be the digital silver to Bitcoin as digital gold? According to an incredibly bizarre correlation, altcoins are nearly perfectly tracking alongside silver, albeit across different timeframes. What exactly does this mean, and is this […]


Bitcoin vs. Inflation

As inflationary monetary economics and liquidity traps come into focus with zero percent interest rates or even negative interest rates, many are looking to Bitcoin as an inflationary hedge or a protection against inflation. Billionaire investors are lining up to compare Bitcoin to gold. That particular comparison has some nuances but the broad macro-theme of […]

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