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Experts Weigh In On The Future of Bitcoin and Blockchain

Bitcoin is a revolutionary new technology that has taken the world by storm, and could not only disrupt modern financial systems, but it could also go on to replace all fiat currencies and become the sole digital currency used across the globe.With so much potential, even experts have joined in on speculating over the king […]


What Tezos and Bitcoin Have in Common

The Tezos community has strong shared values, arguably as strong as bitcoin’s.That’s the assessment of Castle Island Ventures partner Nic Carter, who said Tuesday:“The number one lesson and takeaway of bitcoin is a core set of principles – defining them and making the chain a beacon to attract people who believe in those principles.”He made […]


McAfee: Bitcoin’s Scarcity Will Trigger Its Price to Hit $1M in 2020

Major Bitcoin (BTC) bull, programmer and 2020 United States presidential campaigner John McAfee remains adamant that the world’s largest cryptocurrency will hit $1 million in 2020.“I said $1 million and I’m sticking to one”McAfee, known for his brave prediction that BTC will reach $500,000 next year, defended his recently doubled down forecast of $1 million […]


Bitcoin’s $800 Price Recovery Runs Into Key Resistance

Bitcoin is better bid on the first day of the fourth quarter, but the relief rally is struggling to gather traction above a key former support-turned-resistance.The top cryptocurrency is currently changing hands at $8,330 on Bitstamp, representing a 7 percent gain on a 24-hour basis.Prices hit a high of $8,519 earlier today. At that level, […]


Understanding Bitcoin’s Volatility

In a famous book from the year 1936, The General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money, John Maynard Keynes introduced an interesting theory to explain price fluctuations in markets. In this article, I will use this theory to try to explain the extreme price fluctuations of the price of Bitcoin (BTC-USD).The Keynesian Beauty ContestKeynes tried […]


Blockchain Breaker And The Bitcoin Bust

This is another impromptu commentary in the crypto space arising from my reading a couple of interesting articles regarding an asserted Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) (NASDAQ:GOOGL) breakthrough regarding quantum computing. See, Ghost post! Google creates world’s most powerful computer, NASA ‘accidentally reveals’ …and then publication vanishes (by & Google’s “Quantum Supremacy” to Render All Cryptocurrency & […]


Bitcoin May See Brief Bounce After Defending Key Price Support

Bitcoin’s repeated defense of key support may yield a minor bounce, however, the bias will remain bearish as long as prices are held below resistance near $9,100.The top cryptocurrency by market capitalization fell more than 10 percent on Tuesday, confirming a bullish-to-bearish trend change and opening the doors for a deeper slide to $7,500.So far, […]


Bitcoin Owners Are Giving Away Altcoins to Support TOR Project

On the lighter side of things in the cryptosphere, some Bitcoin (BTC) owners have been donating altcoins to the TOR Project — a nonprofit organization primarily responsible for running “The Onion Router.”For some Bitcoiners, the trend is a way of killing two birds with one stone — supporting the TOR Project and getting rid of […]


Blackstone’s Stephen Schwarzman: Bitcoin Is ‘Pretty Odd for My Taste’

Billionaire investor Stephen Schwarzman is a winner in the business of taking risks. His private equity firm, The Blackstone Group, is the world’s most successful money manager of alternative assets, AKA unconventional, high-risk investments that have a small chance of generating huge returns. Yet, when asked whether he would buy any Bitcoin, which (still) seems […]


All 7-Eleven Stores Across the Philippines Now Sell Bitcoin

Cryptocurrency investment app Abra starts selling crypto for cash in all 7-Eleven stores across the Philippines with a new partnership with payment processor ECPay.Crypto in 6,000 outlets in the PhilippinesAbra announced on Sept. 18 that the partnership will bring crypto to 6,000 retail outlets across the Philippines, including all 7-Eleven stores. The company says that […]

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