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How Much Have Those Who Held onto Their Cryptocurrency Lost in 2018?

If you’d HODLed through 2018, how much would your cryptocurrency investment be worth now?Being left holding the bag while others cash out all around you is not a nice feeling.We’re deep in the throes of a bear market across the board, so it’s time to put a little perspective out there. Traditional investors may have […]


What We Know About Bitcoin Cash’s Two Rival Blockchains

At 18:02 UTC, the bitcoin cash blockchain officially split in two.With one iteration of the bitcoin cash protocol called Bitcoin “Satoshi’s Vision,” or Bitcoin SV, directly opposing the upgrades introduced through the project’s long-dominant Bitcoin ABC implementation, the blockchain forked into two distinct networks, with two separate cryptocurrencies.And while a so-called “hash war” had been […]


How to Watch the Bitcoin Cash Fork As It Happens

The most contentious hard fork in bitcoin cash’s one-year history is happening Thursday.So contentious, in fact, that this one holds the potential to split the blockchain into two separate iterations of the bitcoin cash protocol – one led by developer group Bitcoin ABC and the other, Bitcoin SV, led by blockchain research company nChain.The process […]


“And There Was A Fire Fight”

Over the past 12 hours, more than $8 billion was wiped out from the crypto market, as several major digital assets including Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Stellar (XLM) suffered.For the first time in the past ten days, the price of BCH has dropped below the $500 mark to $480. Within the past week, after securing […]


Asian Investors Turning Up The Heat

With bitcoin cash (BCH) now looking certain to split into two competing cryptocurrencies, some traders in Asia are betting that the sum of the parts will be worth more than the whole.Specifically, these investors have been buying BCH in anticipation that Thursday’s contentious network software upgrade, or hard fork, will leave them owning two coins […]


Collaborative Cryptos Boost Market Potential

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) has excited the crypto community in the past few days after two major exchanges – Binance and Coinbase – announced that they were supporting the upcoming hard-fork on November 15th. Due to a lack of consensus, owners of the digital assets will be the beneficiaries of a new cryptocurrency that will be […]


Crypto Proving Its Staying Power

Bitcoin price tested the key USD 6,450 support area and later recovered. BTC/USD moved higher and traded above the USD 6,500 resistance, but gains were limited. Similarly, ethereum price recovered after dropping below the USD 200 support. It could continue to move higher in the short term towards the USD 208 and USD 210 resistances. […]


How Much of the 20% Surge of Bitcoin Cash is Affected by Bitmain IPO?

Over the past 24 hours, Bitcoin Cash recorded a 20 percent surge in its price as the best performing cryptocurrency in the global market.Within merely hours, the price of BCH increased from $440 to $540, by more than 25 percent at one point. Analysts have attributed the price increase of BCH on September 27 to […]


Bitcoin Cash Will Cost 0.3% Of Bitcoin, Ripple To $0.01 By 2023: Forecast

Ripple (XRP) will be worth just 1 US cent within five years and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) will fade, a damning new report from ICO advisory firm Satis Group predicts August 30.SATIS: RIPPLE ‘MISLEADINGLY MARKETED’Forecasting the future trajectory for the cryptocurrency industry, Satis drew a sharp distinction between assets that “apply unique value propositions within deep […]


Roger Ver: Bitcoin Cash is a Better Investment Than Bitcoin

In a Monday phone interview with CNBC Fast Money, Roger Ver explained why he believes Bitcoin Cash is a better investment than Bitcoin, also expressing that Bitcoin isn’t efficient for commerce due to high fees and low transaction speeds.Bitcoin Cash RulesIn the interview, Ver, who owns and operates, begins his explanation of why Bitcoin […]

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