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Banxico Chief: “Bitcoin Should Be Treated Like A Commodity”

The governor of the Bank of Mexico believes bitcoin and other digital currencies should be classified as commodities, not currencies, echoing the conclusion of the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission, which decreed in 2015 that cryptocurrencies would be treated like commodities. The comments, made by Banxico Gov. Augustin Carstens during a lecture at Mexican technical university ITAM, […]

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Forget Bitcoin, Buy Ether

SummaryBitcoin is making headlines again, since it just smashed through its $5000 barrier onto $6000.I’ll tell you why Bitcoin jumped, and why it’s temporary.You should be looking at Ether instead of Bitcoin right now.I walk you through what the Ethereum network is, and why it’s a better idea than Bitcoin in the long term.Bitcoin (BTC) just […]

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These charts show how quickly bitcoin is growing

Bitcoin has climbed from below $1,000 this year to a record above $5,800, showing how quickly investor interest in the digital currency has increased.The number of digital currency storage “wallets” from has nearly doubled from last year, while the lack of a selloff in other digital currencies indicates that new money is flowing into bitcoin.That […]

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Bitcoin Rises Too High, Too Quickly

SummaryBitcoin broke its all-time high again.At the moment, Bitcoin price is supported by an inflow of investors and traders, not by users of the payment infrastructure.Bankers and politicians are not wrong to be warning about cryptocurrencies.People investing in Bitcoin should expect more volatility to come.Bitcoin (COIN) (OTCQX:GBTC) prices are fluctuating wildly again. Over the course […]

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