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Binance Births its Own Decentralized Blockchain to Challenge Ethereum

Binance, the world’s largest crypto exchange with over 10 million users, has launched its own blockchain – the Binance Chain mainnet today, a highly anticipated blockchain protocol aimed to support decentralized exchanges (DEX). Binance will also open a decentralized exchange next weekToday marks the birth of a new genesis block.Who’s ready?— Binance (@binance) April […]

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Ethereum Consortium Launches Token Initiative With Microsoft, JPMorgan Chase, Others

The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA) has launched a blockchain-neutral Token Taxonomy Initiative in partnership with major firms, according to a press release from EEA on April 17. The initiative will seek to define tokens in non-technical and cross-industry terms in a bid to drive enterprise token adoption at scale.The EEA describes itself “a member-driven standards […]

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Forbes Releases List of Billion Dollar Companies Using Blockchain

Financial news outlet Forbes has released a list of “Blockchain’s Billion Dollar Babies,” or companies implementing blockchain technology that have minimum revenues or valuations of $1 billion, on April 16.The list includes companies in the cryptocurrency and blockchain development spaces, in addition to traditional financial firms like banks and clearing houses, food companies, supply chain […]

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The Game Of Cryptothrones

Cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin will be the future of money. They are programmable and can be divided in very small sums of money, currently the extremely low cost transactions for IOT devices, etc. is not possible, but all this is changing fast.The bitcoin network currently has a limit of about 7 transactions per second, not […]

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How The Values of Traditional Investing Apply to Cryptocurrency – And How They Don’t

Cryptocurrency has opened up the world of investment to a fresh demographic. While stock trading is only available to the tailored suit, digital currencies are accessible to the common man.Because of this, buying and mining cryptocurrency has created a brave new world for investment opportunities—as one blockchain innovator put it, “we’re already on the moon.”Digital […]

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