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SEC Chairman On Cryptocurrencies And ICOs: ‘Abide By The Law. We Are Watching.’

Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Chairman Jay Clayton went on FOX Business yesterday to inject some fear into investors — particularly those interested in Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs).‘WE ARE WATCHING’SEC Chairman Jay Clayton has issued a serious threat to the cryptocurrency space and, in particular, to ICOs.Clayton — who was nominated by President Donald Trump […]

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Bitcoin Is Plummeting After One Of The World’s Largest Cryptocurrency Exchanges Suspended Withdrawals

Cryptocurrency exchange Binance said it had halted withdrawals Wednesday morning as it investigates “un​​authorized market sells. “Bitcoin was plunging on the rumours of a possible hack on the popular exchange, and the digital currency was down as much as 10%. Bitcoin plunged more than 10% Wednesday morning, as low as $9,600, after rumors began to swirl […]

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$1.6 billion Cryptocurrency Exchange Coinbase Isn’t Adding Ripple After All — And It’s Obvious Why Not

​Coinbase shut down rumors this week that it is adding the cryptocurrency XRP, or Ripple, to its platform anytime soon.While the move set XRP’s price sinking, it shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone who follows Coinbase closely.The platform has been intentionally conservative about adding new coins and upgrades — and XRP isn’t within its asset […]

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