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Bitcoin: The Big Short Is Already Here And It Could Get Far Worse

SummaryWhile some retail investors are taking out mortgages to buy Bitcoin many institutional market participants are stacking up massive bets against the digital asset.Traditionally this trading dynamic doesn’t work out so well for the little guys.Bitcoin’s crashing market share, and its continued functionality issues are adding to the uncertainty regarding short-term price action.Governments’ continued crackdown […]

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Time to Buy Lumens

Thinking of break out trades? If so, it’s time to buy Lumens. Why? First, prices are reversing from key Fibonacci retracement levels and secondly, at the moment Lumens coin is hot property. As such, riding with positive vibes-or anti-FUD news is always a good move.Alternatively, if you are thinking of Monero buys, you should wait […]

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Bitcoin Can’t Be Valued: NYU’s ‘Dean of Valuation’

New York University’s “Dean of Valuation” said that one cannot accurately value bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.‘Dean of Valuation’ Says Bitcoin Can’t Be ValuedAswath Damodaran, a professor at NYU’s Stern School of Business, made this claim in response to recent comments from investing icon Warren Buffet, who stated his belief that bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies “will […]

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Meet The Cryptocorns

In recent years, venture capitalists have used the term “unicorn” to describe the statistical rarity of a startup that’s achieved a $1 billion valuation.However, these “mythical” startups are no longer uncommon.Globally, there are now 276 companies with the billion-dollar unicorn designation. Some of them are already household names, like Uber, Airbnb, Pinterest and Dropbox.Collectively these […]

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